Inline Cubicles Designed for High Demands

Extra Secure Cubicles

Our new range of inline cubicles designed to cope with the rigorous demands of both wet and dry environments. Perfect for shower rooms and changing rooms. The size of these cubicles can be bespoke and large shower cubicles can have a privacy panel which will protect your clean clothes and towels from getting wet.

The aesthetics of these cubicles make the room area look bigger because the door and panels of the cubicle align and create simple linear lines making the area look wider and longer. These cubicles are extra secure by having extra long panels and doors all being the same length.

Key Benefits

  • Complete privacy.
  • Modern linear lines.
  • Large space for shower cubicles and can include a privacy screen and a bench seat.
  • Each door is front flushed fitted with 2 heavy-duty hinges, incorporating anti-finger trap and anti-lift design.
  • Hinges can be adjusted to keep the door open, closed or ajar when not in use.
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