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Which locker type suits your environment?

Lockers made by Helmsman come in an extensive range of locker types, sizes, materials and colours, and is not exhaustive as we can manufacture to our customers specifications.

The main materials we use to manufacture our lockers are Metal, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Laminate, Electro-Zinc Steel and Glass.  The lockers are available in a combination of the above materials depending on the application.

Here are a few examples:

Laminate and metal lockers are most commonly used for school lockers, general industrial lockers and staff lockers.

Lockers with aluminium bodies and laminate doors are used in wet environments, especially chlorinated areas such as leisure centres.

Electro-zinc steel lockers are used in damp areas, namely locker rooms with shower cubicles in close proximity.

In more sterile environments such as in the food industry Stainless steel lockers are used as they can be easily cleaned.

Our glass lockers are usually found in health clubs, spas and high end gyms as they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The key benefits of using Helmsman as your locker supplier;

  • The only manufacturer of lockers with the capacity to make components from both metal and laminate.
  • We tailor our lockers to our customers specific requirements.
  • Operate from a large manufacturing facility.
  • Free delivery to our UK customers.
  • We manufacture lockers for both wet and dry environments.
  • Our lockers come with a large range of locking options.
  • We offer a full installation service of our lockers throughout the UKFor our complete range of various locker types please follow us on LinkedIn

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