Rust proof and corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Lockers

Stainless steel lockers are most commonly used within our health and leisure sectors as well as within many industrial environments.

Where and when are stainless steel Lockers used?

Within our hospitals and health care environments there are many advantages to using stainless steel lockers for storage as these are areas which always need to be clean and sanitary. Within environments that demand high levels of hygiene, stainless steel is the ideal choice for your locker.

As stainless steel is resistant to bacteria, chemicals and other harmful materials it doesn’t corrode when it encounters moisture thus making it more suitable for lockers in swimming pools, wet rooms and for outdoor locker storage.

Many food processing plants have areas of high humidity and dampness and since stainless steel is easy to clean it is the ideal choice for lockers.  With e.g. perforated shelves stainless steel lockers can be hosed down at the end of each shift.  Within the pharmaceutical industry stainless steel lockers are popular give the advantages of it being able to withstand almost any cleaning solution and chemicals that are used to sanitize it and therefore is used as their preferred material for lockers.

Stainless Steel Locker Sizes and Configurations:

Stainless steel lockers are manufactured in many different compartments and sizes. They are available in one door compartments up to four, five and six doors.  Similarly, our workwear lockers are available in many stainless steel shapes and sizes.  As bespoke manufacturers of lockers we are happy to assist you with various configurations of a tailored stainless steel locker to suit your business requirements.

Key Benefits of Stainless Steel Lockers:

Stainless steel is resistant to bacterial growth, corrosion and rust which makes it ideal choice for lockers in wet areas and within any application that requires sanitary storage.

Stainless steel is easy to clean and can withstand almost any chemical or cleaning solution used to sanitize it.

Our stainless steel lockers offer security, meaning valuables can always be protected.