Project Description

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Viridor is the largest UK-owned resources and waste company. In their words “Quality is at the heart of everything we do” and “Quality in, means quality out.”

We are thrilled to be associated with a company that places so much emphasis on quality by fitting out their locker room at the new Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre in Glasgow.

one door lockers

Project Overview

Their obvious locker colour choice marries up with their green ethos of transforming waste into quality raw materials and renewable energy.  We fitted out their locker room maximising space with a neat layout of bespoke lockers, seating and stands. Helmsman one compartment locker with mid grey bodies, green doors and cam locks were fitted around the edges and placed back to back in the centre of the room. These were complimented with stands c/w pine timber slats and single sided bench seating.

It’s fantastic to be associated with a company striving to improve the efficient use of UK’s resources.