We're bunkers about golf club changing facilities

Creating the best golf club locker changing environment for you

golf lockersSo whether you’re looking at creating a new golf club changing room or upgrading an existing one our range of golf club lockers caters for all golf club users.  We can totally transform your changing rooms by supplying and installing golf club lockers as well as benches and cubicles which compliment them.

It goes without saying that lockers in golf club changing rooms are vital.  Within English golf clubs today there are at least 740,000 golfers affiliated to approximately 1900 golf clubs. Some of these environments offer the most high-class golf club changing rooms whilst others have a more practical and functional approach.  We hope the following will help you with your selection.

Golf Professional:

This locker is fitted with a shelf 315mm from the top of the unit underneath which is a coat hook either side of the main compartment, together with a plastic coated clothes hanger rail suitable for a dinner jacket inside.

Golf Classic (Welled):

This unit is provided with a fore-shortened door, the height which is 865mm.  A 20mm cleaning slot is provided at the bottom of the locker.  This unit is designed to be used in conjunction with an optional integral stand with seat, therefore it has a stronger stiffening base.  For the golf classic the seat height is 341mm.  Underside of seat to floor is nominal 337mm. All legs are fitted with adjustable feet.

Golf Foursome:

A four tier unit which can be used either on its own or in conjunction with the other lockers in the golf range, comprising four separate compartments each 227 mm high.

Stacked Units:

The golf classic and golf professional lockers are designed to enable them to be used as tiered units or for fitting of the golf classic (welled) or golf foursome.

Bench Seating

Our extensive range of changing room benches will undoubtedly cater for your golf club needs. The slatted timber bench seats are most popular.  However, solid grade laminate (SGL) takes a more formal design.  SGL is waterproof, customisable and will give you the finish that you want for your changing room. From our array of colours, we can match to your clubs’ colours or to your existing changing room design.


Our range of cubicles for toilet and shower areas are available in a variety of colours and finishes.   Solid Grade Laminate is a popular choice for cubicles however for a more superior look and finish, glass adds an extended sense of eminence.