Let us take care of your locker needs

Manufacturing lockers for our Emergency Services

We don’t like to think about needing our emergency services but lots of people have and owe their lives to them.  We are delighted to be manufacturing Police lockers and riot bag lockers.  The design, size and function of our lockers can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Also our Fire and Ambulance Services require lockers for their uniform storage.  Getting access to their gear is paramount as their initial response can prove life saving. We’re here to help you get the right locker specification to meet all your needs.

Police Lockers

This Police Locker is a unique design crafted by Helmsman based on feedback from local constabulary. The team designed and built a prototype which was accepted in a double fronted 1775 mm high by 450 mm deep by 700 mm wide locker.  For the interior we provided adjustable shelving, coat hooks and a mirror on the inside of the door. This workwear locker is suitable for storing riot gear, belts, hats, boots and seasonal clothing.

A riot bag locker was designed to stand either on top or underneath the main locker if needed.

Fire service lockersFire Service Lockers

These fire station storage units supplied to a local station are the ideal solution for keeping uniform and equipment safe.  They allow quick access and are secure for our many fire fighters.  The is an ideal design as it offers improved airflow, minimizes odour build-up and allows damp gear to dry faster.

Sometimes referred to as turnout gear racks these are manufactured from mild steel sheet, perforated and then finished in a powder coated paint.  Each locker comes with a top shelf and hanging rail.

This is also available in a wet spec version and in various sizes to suit your needs. Contact us for more information on these lockers.

Ambulance Lockers

We can offer a wide range of lockers for storing ambulance workwear. Bespoke lockers for the ambulance service can tailored to suit your needs.  Available in:

  • Mild steel lockers or laminate lockers
  • Compartment sizes varying from 1-6 door units
  • Available in a range of colours for bodies and doors
  • Cam or latch locks available
  • Extras e.g. sloping top, numbering, extra keys etc

Contact our office for more information on our fire service lockers.