The right lockers provide the ideal storage solution

workwear and staff lockersWe are supplying workplace Lockers to industrial companies for factory lockers, high quality metal lockers as well as a range of staff and bespoke lockers.  Within the guidelines of using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for many companies choosing the right clothes locker is a necessity.

From safety glasses and lab coats to steel-toed boots and hard hats, gloves and safety vests we can provide you with the right storage solutions. We can tailor individual requirements to suit specific working environments and help your business run smoothly.

Staying on top of safety requirements in the workplace

workplace locker

We have designed a range of tried and tested lockers and benches for industrial environments that are stylish, flexible and hard-wearing. Some of these include Industrial Divided Lockers, Mild Steel Lockers and Police Lockers. Also our Garment Dispensers and Collectors allows your business to provide employees with fresh clean garments whilst also offering the best in staff storage security.

For employers setting a good company image is important to build cohesiveness with staff.  Do you have suitable changing rooms and changing procedures? Employees require storage for personal items and a secure locker area is the best way to manage this.

Garment Dispensers and Collectors

Garment Dispensers and Collectors will ensure your employees have somewhere to collect garments and place soiled clothing waiting to be laundered.

By following this process dispensed clothing will be neat, unwrinkled, clean and well-maintained.   This system reduces casual theft and eliminates the need for staffed cloakrooms and stores.

Stainless steel garment dispensers and collectors are also available and are ideal for businesses dispensing clean uniforms particularly in the food sector.

Workwear Stainless Steel locker
When should you use stainless steel lockers

Stainless steel lockers are the perfect solution for either personal storage or garment dispensers and collectors in an area which encounters moisture.  Our stainless steel lockers are robust, resistant to bacteria, chemicals and other harmful materials.

Working in the food and related industries e.g. meat plants, bakeries etc there are risks of contamination.  Since stainless steel doesn’t corrode any soiled clothing will not expose the locker to rust.

Heated Lockers

Our heated lockers are ideal for many industrial environments since they will dry wet clothing and store the belongings securely at the same time.

We make the lockers to suit your needs with a perforated locker base to allow warm air to circulate through the lockers.  Single stands will be manufactured to suit the width and depth of the locker and fitted with an electric tube heater underneath. The stands will be cladded to enclose the tube heater.

This is a sample taken of one supplied to an oil rig.

We have supplied a number of bespoke lockers for the Pharmaceutical sector.  Please refer to our “bespoke lockers” page to view:

  • Cleanroom Lockers (supplied with an interior ventilation system used to extract odours)
  • Double Door Front and Back bespoke lockers (used for special gowning areas)

Note: Please ask about our anti-bacterial paint option.