Helping you fit-out your Office Block Shower facilities and Locker rooms

What locker types are trending in this sector?

The main focus from this sector and upmarket office locations are the Z type lockers.  These lockers are sometimes referred to as Z lockers or L Shaped lockers.  Our “Z Type Lockers” are ideal for storing large personal items as well as hanging items. These lockers provide a clever space saving modern design.  They are stylish and offer convenience for many white collar workers.  The hanging compartment is ideal as it allows for longer pieces of clothing such a shirts and jackets to be stored.

In addition, high end office spaces have fantastic studios and gyms with changing facilities.  Our mild steel lockers and laminate lockers are also popular offering a choice of colours and locks to suit your needs. These lockers are also ideal for hot desking storage as they are available in a range of sizes and configurations. This makes it easier for employers to choose what suits their office layout best.

Toilet cubicles and bench seating are available to complement the texture and colours chosen.

A range of lockers are available for commercial and office staff

Within many commercial buildings shared locker areas are common also. For these types of areas we supply from our range of one to six locker compartments in either mild steel or laminate doors.  Cam locks, latch locks or combination locks can be fitted and locker number discs for identification.

We can design a layout for you, manufacture the lockers and send our installation team to carry out the fitting on site.

So if it’s lockers for personal belongings or valuables we can provide all types of solutions to suit you and your budget.

What issues are affecting the trends in this sector?

Some environmental changes have impacted on businesses in this sector.  As locker and cubicle manufacturers we are moving with these changes to meet the demands of our customers.

In many of our major cities air pollution levels are extremely high.  The formation of the cycle to work scheme has made notable differences.  As a result, many new developments now include basement shower facilities and locker rooms to accommodate the growing change.

We’re fitting out high end locker rooms in buildings that are BREEAM standard

Since cycling uses no fuel it is a pollution-free mode of transport.  Daily exercise from active travel offers huge health benefits.  Employers too benefit with improved staff motivation and increased productivity.

In major cities there are various types of business start-ups and many small and medium sized businesses e.g. The Square Mile in the City of London. These developments have passed environmental assessments (BREEAM – the world’s established method of certifying the sustainability of buildings) and offer high end office floor space.  As a result office employees in these areas are availing of fantastic shower room facilities and locker rooms such as these.