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Helmsman is the only manufacturer of the complete range of lockers in the UK.  We design, supply and install lockers for all sectors and whether you need to buy lockers for storing kit bags, laptops, mobile phones, school books or personal items, Helmsman will make the perfect locker for you.

We specialise in both non-standard and bespoke lockers and can design the best locker for your storage needs.  We have a wide choice of colours and locker styles to choose from.  Our school lockers are not restricted to one height or width and can vary due to the pupils age.  Our staff lockers greatly differ depending on the users needs and whether they will be positioned in a wet or dry environment.

Our lockers are competitively priced but still retain the high quality that has made Helmsman’s lockers a brand leader in the locker sector

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Looking for quality lockers manufactured in the UK we’ve got just what you’re looking for.  Our school lockers are available in both metal and laminate finishes.  They have been designed to suit all ages with full height lockers for Key stage 2 pupils and school locker sizes ideal for nursery and key stage 1 primary schools.

As well as storing books, bags, coats and laptops our wall mounted lockers offer additional safety when securely fixed by one of our fitters. A range of colour options are available as well as a choice of locks with keys or a fitting for padlocks.  For your convenience our in-house service department offers a range of replacement locks and replacement keys.


School lockers for teachers offer safe storage of briefcases, handbags, keys and other valuables.  We also offer a range of staff lockers which will allow you to choose the right one for you.

We sell metal lockers primarily to schools and businesses.  In recent times the design of office lockers has changed most notably in size.  For mobiles and other valuables, mobile phone lockers offer a new alternative to staff lockers which are space optimising and secure.  Also, as hot desking becomes more prevalent in the office environment laptop lockers are a growing trend.  These lockers come in various colours and sizes with a charging facility included.

As the overall look of traditional office layout changes, the use of post box lockers is used for hot desking and delivery of post and circulars.  These metal storage lockers are available in 5, 10, 15 and 20 compartment configurations with postal slots to suit.

Our staff lockers are made from both metal and laminate in a variety of colours and shapes.  Whether it’s industrial lockers for factories or z shape lockers for offices, we have the right locker for you.  Our workplace lockers can be tailored for your employees’ needs.

Garment dispenser lockers are designed for organisations whose staff need to have clean laundry at any time of the day or night.   For pharmaceutical facilities, medical rooms and hospitals white lockers are a nice blend to the need for cleanliness.

As gym locker suppliers we have the perfect selection of gym lockers for your changing rooms.  For storing mobiles and other valuables our mobile phone lockers are perfect for gym goers.  They provide safe storage of personal items in gym locker rooms. Sports lockers are generally fitted alongside bench seating and have either metal or laminate doors fitted with a key lock. However, within leisure centres swimming pool lockers are supplied in aluminium with laminate doors and are mostly coin operated lockers.

The use of luxury lockers is found in gyms which have facilities where we can relax and unwind in a spa or health suite.  Spa lockers are the most contemporary lockers which we supply with glass doors.  The glass supplied in these changing room lockers is scratch resistant, reflects the light and above all gives a top class finish.

Our mobile phone lockers are the perfect choice for all workplaces, sports facilities and schools.   Phone charging lockers as the name suggests are small lockers. They are designed to hold securely small items such as keys, money, jewellery, bank cards and mobile phones. Our valuables lockers come with doors ranging in 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 28, 30 and 40 compartments. We’ve several colour options and locks choices for you to tailor make your personal effects locker right for your environment.

These compact lockers come with standard charging sockets and are also ideal for events or weekend festivals where guests want to stay connected.

Ideal for use in schools, gyms and offices our cube lockers offer total flexibility and design freedom. With cube locker sizes starting at 340mm x 300mm x 300mm these small lockers are the ideal solution for personal storage where floor space is limited.

These modular lockers can be stacked and nested together.  They are already pre-drilled to allow easy fixing on top or side by side each other.  These versatile lockers can be positioned into several configurations and fit neatly into small spaces.

Our workplace lockers are ideal for a range of different work environments.  Storage cabinets and lockers are large lockers and used for hanging garments, boots and helmets eg emergency services uniforms.  Within this range of steel clothes lockers are divided and welled designs which are suited to many types of businesses.

Industrial lockers in the workplace are high quality metal lockers used in factories and by shop floor workers. The garment dispensers and collectors offer a systemic style for employees to follow a process of separating clean and dirty uniforms.

Also, employees require storage for personal items and a secure locker area is the best way to manage this. Our range of office lockers will equip your business with all the appropriate storage needed.

Laptop Lockers are charging lockers that provide laptop security and are ideal for both schools and business. This locker type can be supplied with or without the charging capability.   Laptop lockers with power come fitted with 13 amp charging socket c/w 2 USB ports.

The lockers are available with a range of compartment doors i.e. 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 28, 30 and 40 and when fitted with combination locks offer you the ultimate in secure laptop lockers. Also, these are appropriately ventilated lockers which will prevent overheating of devices. However, a suitably qualified electrician should be consulted before wiring the units to the mains supply.

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