Heated Z Lockers

Not only do Z lockers offer a modern, stylish storage solution, but they are also available as heated lockers. With their name originating from the dividing line between the doors, (also known as “L lockers” due to the shape of the door), Heated Z lockers are a fantastic way to optimize space.

Due to their smaller footprint, Z lockers are ideal to hold smaller items, such as shoes, gym bags, and other personal belongings, whilst also featuring a full-length area to use for items such as hanging clothes.

This unique shape makes them the perfect design for heated lockers. Simply hang your damp clothes inside and let the Heated Z Locker do the hard work.

Air flows easily inside the locker, with a perforated base, and perforated slots at the top allow the damp air to escape. Single and twin tube heaters are available, with the heat source plugging into a 3-pin power socket, or wired into a fused switch.

Finishes and Accessories

A range of colour options are available with our Heated Z Lockers, including carbon-neutral laminate by BioCarbon Laminates in a selection of finishes. As standard, Heated lockers are supplied with hasp & staple or cam locks, but other options are available on request such as coin retain/return, combination and digital locks. Lockers also come with a stand that conceals the heater. A thermostat can also be added as an optional extra, allowing a 24-hour control with programmable time periods, keeping the temperature between 0 and 35 degrees Celcius.

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