Strong and Secure Laminate Lockers

All the lockers we supply can be classed as ‘heavy-duty’ as they are all designed to be robust, strong and secure. Our laminate locker doors are made from high-end laminate, they give years of service and withstand wear and tear.

With a multitude of colour choices, designs and styles, laminate lockers can blend into existing surroundings and add to the mood and character of a room.

Laminate lockers are ideally suited for schools, commercial and leisure centres and can be used for both wet and dry areas with a variety of locking systems.

For clients wanting the heaviest duty lockers, we normally recommend the use of mild steel. Based on our essential metal range, these are available in six door options from full length to six compartment lockers with a choice of door colours.

Extra Heavy Duty Lockers

In areas where only the toughest will do, we can provide lockers with metal or laminate doors inset into the frame. This provides the highest possible security and can be used with a double locking facility.

The advanced locking design provides a return lip within the internal door frame for the hooked cam to lock behind. In addition, there is a locking slot in the door frame upright that enables secure locking in two places.

These are really designed for the most secure applications or in projects where there is limited security, public access or a high risk of attempted theft.

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