Bespoke Lockers designed by You

Manufacturing bespoke lockers

If it’s a “bespoke locker” you need we can help. Having manufactured bespoke lockers for numerous customers we have a wealth of experience to assist you. We follow the same process with all our customers i.e. the design, engineering and production phases.  This determines the needs, checks feasibility and enables us to put together an accurate locker specification.

There are many benefits of working with us. Firstly, if something needs amended we can tell you if it’s achievable.  Secondly, if there’s a problem we can resolve the issue with you straight away.  Finally, the results are we have faster turnaround times and effective relationships with our customers.

Extra Large Locker with flap at top

bespoke locker

Bespoke locker supplied with a large flap and wider and deeper dimensions.

Visual Panel Lockers

This design included a visual panel positioned at the right hand side of each compartment.  The lockers were supplied four high with combination locks.

This design included colours selected by the client which were grey bodies and green doors.  The visual panels allows for:

  • Clear visibility of the items in lockers
  • Secure storage and visual inspection of the contents 24/7

Dual access Locker with multiple openings

A “bespoke locker” with multiple openings both sides of the locker. This is currently being used in a pharmaceutical clean room changing facility for caps / overalls to be accessed by an employee from either side of a partition.

Cleanroom Lockers with a built in extraction system

These cleanroom lockers are designed to allow air to be extracted through a purpose built chimney inside the lockers.  The interior ventilation system is used to extract odours from the lockers.  This sample was supplied to an oil refinery with the funnel inside leading to a chimney at the top.

Lockers fit for a curved wall – we’ll make it

We have the processes in place to deliver a project that meets both your needs and budget.  We pride ourselves in being flexible and delivering locker solutions that will help your business operate more efficiently.