Stylish Laminate Z Lockers

A modern space saving solution

What are Z lockers?

With their name coming from their dividing line (also known as L Lockers for their door shape), this design is ideal for a variety of projects. If space optimization is key to your design, these lockers are a brilliant option. With a small footprint, but maximized internal space, they can comfortably hold large personal items such as a gym bag, as well as hanging items such as clothes.

Why should I choose Z lockers?

Allowing two people to store their belongings in the footprint of one locker, the design of this locker is modern, innovative and stylish. This two-compartment shaped option is popular for commercial, educational, emergency services and more. An example of where this design is the perfect choice is in settings where users change between personal clothes and uniform. An employee’s clothes can comfortably hang in the taller area of the locker, reducing the risk of wrinkling.

Are there any other benefits?

Not only are these they practical and functional, but they are also stylish and produce a modern look. Therefore these lockers would be great for an office or leisure environment too. There are also a variety of locks and accessories available. Plus, our Heated Lockers are also available in a Z shape, providing you with another practical and innovative option for your project’s design.

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Dry Area Lockers

If you require this design of locker for a dry area, such as in commercial or healthcare settings, there are a range of options. The heavy gauge mild steel body comes with a choice of metal or laminate door. Both options have their benefits and come in a selection of colours and finishes. You could go for a natural look with a wood effect “Country Oak” laminate or a bright design with a laminate or powder coated metal door. Standard metal Z lockers differ from laminate ones in terms of material and locking positioning.

Wet Area Lockers

Helmsman offer Z lockers in a variety of styles and materials. If you require a design for a wet environments, such as leisure centre changing rooms, our aluminium & stainless-steel body with solid grade laminate are the perfect choice. We have a variety of colours and finishes available. So you could go for a natural look with a wood effect “Country Oak” laminate or a bright design with something like our “Lime” laminate.

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