Durable and Secure MFC Lockers

Melamine-Faced Chipboard Lockers – Dry Area

What is MFC?

MFC (Melamine-Faced Chipboard) Lockers are adaptable and cost-effective storage solutions designed for use in various dry environments, such as schools, offices, gyms, and public buildings. Melamine-faced chipboard is used in the construction of the lockers, providing a balance of durability, with this material less likely to scratch, dent or get damaged, they are also affordable and have aesthetic appeal. MFC lockers offer reliable and secure storage, ideal for applications where budget constraints and functional requirements are key factors.

Melamine-faced chipboard is also known as laminated chipboard, is a composite sheet material created by combining wood shavings and “chips” with a strong resin glue.

Why choose MFC Lockers?

Choosing MFC (melamine-faced chipboard) lockers comes with several advantages, making them an appealing option if you are looking for innovative and modern lockers. Manufactured using cutting-edge, new designs that have stylish appearance.

Benefits of MFC

  • Durability – Designed for moderate to high-traffic areas, providing a reliable performance.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – A Variety of colours and finishes are available to complement the interior designs.
  • Easy Maintenance – Long-lasting usage is ensured by the surfaces’ ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Value for money – They provide a good balance of durability and aesthetics at a lower price point, offering great value for the money.

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Moisture Resistant Melamine-Faced Chipboard – Wet Area

These lockers are perfect for wet environments as they provide enhanced protection against humidity and wet conditions such as leisure centres, spas or swimming pool changing rooms, these lockers have a moisture-resistant melamine-faced chipboard door and a body made with aluminium and stainless steel. Not only do they withstand rust, but the MRMFC doors create an easy-to-clean and hygienic, yet modern stylish option for your project.

These lockers can have different locking mechanisms, such as cam locks, key fobs, and key wristbands, and they can also have different configurations.

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