Design Process

We work closely with clients to ensure we understand their needs and offer the very best solutions for their projects. With such a wide range of environments, space, layout and security requirements, we assess all the variables in our design.

Specification path:

Initial consultation

We talk to the client to discuss the brief, review the drawings and assess which solutions would be most effective. Considerations will include wet or dry area, frequency of use and robustness along with any special requirements for users. This can include height restrictions, ease of access or those with special needs.

Sector and building type

We look at previous installations in similar environments to ensure the lockers are fit for purpose, for example, golf lockers are different to gym lockers which are different to pool lockers.

Layout discussion

An analysis is carried out to establish the number of concurrent users needed and the application. What is the maximum size needed? Are charging points required? This will allow us to determine the number of compartments as well as the dimensions of each locker.

Locker design

We will suggest the best material for your lockers be it aluminium, steel or solid grade laminate. This will be balanced between the area of usage, frequency and aesthetic considerations. At that point, we will look at bespoke requirements such as additional shelves, colours, finishes and locking systems.

Complementary products

Are the lockers going to be used in conjunction with other components such as cubicles or benches? How can we add value to the scheme providing complementary products to help the specifier and reduce the on-site costs of having multiple different companies and tradespeople?


Once the scheme has been agreed we finalise the layout and quote. Once approved, a site visit is carried out to measure and survey the rooms/development. This is an important element which ensures the design has not changed and that the design layout will work within the space. If any alterations are advised, we speak to the client.

We then fabricate, supply and install. We work with you every step of the way to deliver the best solution on time and within budget.

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