As experienced locker solution providers we work closely with every client to provide the best possible locker design.  We have many client environments and each has their own particular requirement with different space constraints and layout requirements.  We will consider a number of variables such as the environment, choice of material, capacity and security.  The process will generally go as follows:

Initial Consultation

  • The initial consultation may be in the form of a telephone call, discussions around an architects drawing or a customer layout.  At this stage we will draw out as much information as possible to decipher which product is best for you.
  • Initial consideration is given to the environment the lockers are going into. Is it a wet or dry area? If it’s a wet area, moisture resistant material such as aluminium, stainless steel or solid grade laminate must be used to avoid rusting.  Metal is more suited to dry areas.

Sector and Building type

  • We consider the sector and building type where the locker is needed e.g. Sports lockers will vary greatly depending on the sport e.g. golf lockers are totally different to gym lockers in dimension and aesthetics and swimming pool lockers differ greatly to bowling lockers or those for tennis clubs.  We will have narrowed down your options based on the above.

Layout discussion

  • The layout will be discussed based on the amount of people you want to cater for and what they will store inside their locker e.g. school lockers can have books, laptops or PE kits whereas staff lockers may only be needed to store small items such as handbags or wallets. This will allow us to determine the number of compartments as well as the height, width and depth.

Locker Design

  • You can chose from an array of design features to suit your locker requirements. Whether it be metal lockers with extra shelves, glass lockers or pattered doored laminate lockers, locker doors with vision panel or clear glass lockers we can fulfil your needs.  Our locker colour range can match your décor and are available in metal, laminate and glass. The locking device is just as important, and we have various choices to offer e.g. some schools have a cashless policy and we offer a card reader which has several other functions also.

Other complementary products

  • Any cubicle or bench seating requirements do not have as many variables and will form part of the discussions.  These are generally colour and material matched.  Cubicles are needed in toilet, shower and changing room environments and are predominantly made from solid grade laminate or glass. The benches are made using metal frames with wooden or laminate slats. If needed for a wet environment the metal may need to be treated.

Once all the information has been gathered, we finalise the layout and provide a costing for your project. We have a representative who can visit your site and discuss your options in more detail.

Whilst working directly with us every detail is covered ensuring you get the optimum solution on time and within budget. With our brand in business for more than 250 years our finished product speaks for itself.