Luxury Glass Lockers

If you’re looking for clean-cut lines and a contemporary look then glass lockers may be the solution. A relatively new concept, they comprise an aluminium locker body with solid grade laminate door and then over-clad with tempered glass. Alternatively, RAL coloured glass is used for the doors. There are many colours to choose from below.

They are normally specified for high-end changing rooms such as spas and create a warm, welcoming and luxurious feel. However, they can fit any environment and recently been popular with city offices.

A wide range of colours is available so marry up with corporate identities or interior design schemes. Matching glass doors and laminate doors give a beautiful contrast and create an impressive look. Compliment the lockers with parallel glass cubicles.

Its non-porous nature means the surface doesn’t absorb or allow the ingress of particles. In addition, they don’t require a lot of maintenance once installed and keep looking fresh and clean. They’re also a good sanitary solution for many leisure, spa and gym environments.

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