Glass Lockers add a touch of class to the overall atmospherics

As locker manufacturers we see an increase in demand for Glass Lockers with these becoming more popular as a design choice.  Most people don’t really think about the lockers they use until they notice something extremely negative or positive about them. Glass lockers however will catch your attention for all the right reasons.

Creating a clean and modern look

Helmsman System 2000 lockers are the ideal choice to accompany glass.  The aluminium locker bodies with glass doors are popular in high end changing rooms with gym lockers and spa lockers giving a top class finish.

The glass doors are much more aesthetically pleasing than steel, aluminium or solid grade laminate.  They can update a space and give an entirely different look and feel.

Creating environments with quality lockers and mood changing colours are spaces where people choose to spend more time and return more frequently, so it’s a win win for everyone.

Glass Cubicles

Glass cubicles add to the look and feel of the changing rooms’ atmosphere whether it’s toilet cubicles, changing cubicles or shower cubicles.   These complement the glass lockers and can transform an entire room giving a finished look that is both modern and elegant and making the first impression is a lasting one.

Colour Range

The team can assist you with a range of colours to give your glass lockers the competitive edge.  Matching glass doors and laminate doors with the system 2000 lockers gives a beautiful contrast and creates an impressive look.

Benefits of using glass lockers

  • The glass doesn’t collect germs as much as other materials due to its non-porous surface which doesn’t absorb particles or let them pass through
  • Glass lockers don’t require a lot of maintenance once installed – keeping them look immaculate is easy
  • These lockers are a sanitary option for many leisure, spa and gym environments.

glass lockers