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Helmsman Specifications

Leisure Cubicles
Inline Cubicles
Glass Cubicles
Front Line Cubicles
Vanity Units
IPS Frames & Panels
Leisure Lockers
Glass Lockers
Laminate Lockers
Laminate Z Lockers
School Lockers
Heated Lockers
Essential Metal Lockers
Staff Lockers
Charging Lockers
Metal Folding Bike Lockers
Laminate Folding Bike Lockers
Z Metal Lockers
Fully Framed Floating Cubicles
Floating Front Line Cubicles
Front Line Cubicles – hidden fixings
Stands & Seat Stands

Technical Drawings

Leisure Lockers
Laminate Z Lockers
Essential Metal Lockers
Laminate Lockers
Staff lockers
Glass lockers

O+M Manuals

Bench Seating
Laminate Lockers
Helmsman Wet Specification
Essential Metal Lockers
Vanity Units

Helmsman Brochures

Leisure Brochure
Office Brochure
Laminate Z Lockers Brochure
Education Brochure
Service & Accessories Brochure
Bench Seating Brochure


Carbon neutral laminates
Glass Colours
Metal Colours
Helmsman Laminate Colours
Powder Coating Fire Rating
Laminate Fire Rating
Washroom Colours


Construction line
Builder’s Profile
Health & Safety Accreditation
Made in Britain
Building Mental Health