Sports and Leisure Sector

Sports and leisure is a key sector for Helmsman. We support the majority of the projects in this sector. We can provide you with bespoke, high-quality lockers, cubicles, integrated plumbing systems, vanity units and bench seating that will enhance your project.

Leisure Centres and Gyms

From the elite gyms to warm and welcoming leisure centre, we manufacture lockers and cubicles to high standards. Changing rooms, to shower rooms and more we provide for wet and dry environments. Solid Grade Laminate which we use for our leisure lockers and cubicles can withstand high usage and humid areas.

Aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and durable washrooms and changing rooms will have a positive impact on customers. Check out the Down Leisure Centre case study to see an example of our project.

Hotels and Spas

Cleanliness is the number one thing when it comes to hotels and spas, our Solid Grade Laminate material is easy to clean and can help maintain a hygienic environment. The quality of the facilities is a reflection of the business and we can supply, deliver and install all of our products and provide a great solution for hotel and spa washrooms and locker rooms.

Helmsman can help you achieve a five-star feel for your customers. This is exactly what we have created for the Staybridge Suites.

Stadiums and Arenas

Sports stadium and arena lockers and cubicles have to be durable and withstand high traffic. Helmsman has manufactured many bespoke lockers for athletes, but also a large majority of lockers and cubicles have been supplied for staff and the public. We have used Mild Steel as well as Solid Grade Laminate material for lockers suitable for stadiums and arenas; it all depends on specifications and budgets. For example, we supplied the Newcastle Eagles lockers in Solid Grade Laminate material.

Theme Parks

Locker rooms and washrooms tend to have a versatile style, manufactured for both staff and public usage. We have manufactured, delivered and installed staff lockers at Thorpe Park. Matching lockers and cubicles to the style of your attraction give your customers a positive lasting impression.

Style and impression are important but it is not to say that quality does not matter. These high usage washrooms and locker rooms need to be durable and tough to withstand anything. Helmsman has a lot to offer, if you would like to keep your old locker but need to give them a spouse up we are able to refurbish locker doors, locker and supply new keys or replacement keys when needed.