Maintenance and After Sales facilities

What can we offer?

From minor repairs to complete refurbishment we can provide you with the necessary service, maintenance and after service facilities.  We service all products and provide spare parts or a complete refurbishment and locker service.

Broken locks, missing keys and deteriorating equipment all contribute to the image of your changing rooms and can determine whether customers will visit your facilities again. All of the accessories listed can be supplied for your staff to fit or be fitted by our own service engineers at a fixed price.



Replacement Locker Doors

We manufacture and sell a wide range of replacement locker doors in metal and solid grade laminate (SGL). We replace locker doors of all sizes from full length to eight compartment doors and up to twenty compartment doors for Garment Dispenser lockers. As a manufacturer means that we can also supply replacement locker doors for most similar locker types besides Helmsman.

Locker Numbers, Discs and Fobs

We supply locker numbers of many different forms.  These include number labels, number discs and engraved numbers (used widely with SGL doors giving a professional look finish). Number discs or key fobs are popular so keys correspond with each compartment number.

Our team

The team consists of highly skilled service engineers and customer coordinators, spanning 20 years of experience in providing services/repair for lockers. From minor repairs to a complete refurbishment we can cover the lot. Whether you have our products or another make we can provide you with service and maintenance facilities that are second to none. To contact the team simply call us on 01284 727633 or email