Manufacturing Quality Metal Lockers for all Sectors

The design of metal lockers differs greatly in each sector. For this reason, various types of office furniture and metal lockers are manufactured.  Whether you want to buy lockers for uniform storage, laptops or boots we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.  As a lockers manufacturer we offer a wide range of sizes, door configurations, locking options and colours.  Not only that, we can provide bespoke metal locker solutions.

We’re supplying lockers to many sectors:

First of all, our standard metal locker is 1775mm high.  You can choose from three widths and depths of 300mm, 380mm and 450mm in any combination.  The full height locker is available in one to six compartments.   Our mild steel metal range of lockers is used by many sectors.

Offices and Industrial Environments:

garment-dispenser-lockersWe offer a managed locker system which is popular with hotels and industrial environments.


Garment dispenser lockers provide employees with a clean uniform at the start of a new shift.  While garment collectors have a flap at the top for collecting soiled workwear at the end of a shift.  These lockers offer a simple process for distributing and collecting uniforms.

Z lockers

Z type lockers and heated lockers are manufactured in mild steel but differ in design. These are used within their own focused areas and have significant benefits for the end user.

Lockers for the Emergency Services:

We have designed a range of police lockers to meet officers’ storage requirements. These are large volume lockers and suitable for storing items such as uniform, coats and boots.  In contrast, small item storage lockers are perfect for use in hospitals.  These cube lockers are where phones, keys and wallets can be securely stored.

For the Leisure Industry:

Another range is our leisure lockers which store personal effects, gym bags and valuables. These gym lockers can be supplied with metal or laminate doors.  We supply these lockers to holiday parks, hotels and private gyms.

Furthermore, are our golf lockers which are available in various sizes, finishes and colours.  We offer 4 standard types of lockers for golf changing rooms. These lockers are supplied with steel or laminate doors and are used in golf and sports clubs.

Metal Lockers for the Education Sector:

metal Lockersschool lockersOur range of lockers for schools are both robust and durable.   We tailor our lockers to suit the needs of students and staff.  As a result, our metal storage locker units come in many shapes and sizes.  Our lockers are designed to store personal belongings, electronic devices as well as books and folders.

The basic locker configuration is made up from one to six compartments.  Primary school lockers are usually configured as 2-door, 3-door and 4-door lockers. The 2-door lockers are most suited for teachers and 3 and 4-door lockers for students.

Secondary School lockers are almost identical except in height. Key Stage 1 lockers are 1250mm high and Key Stage 2 lockers are 1600mm high.  Also, laptop charging lockers and mobile phone lockers are popular in schools and colleges.  There’s still a demand for traditional student, staff and gym lockers for changing rooms and corridors.

Finally, remember our metal lockers are available in a range of sizes, configurations and colours. We can tailor make to suit your needs eg lockers to fit into alcoves or a designated area hence, maximising your storage.

Key features of metal lockers:

  • Lockers for a curved wallOffered in full length lockers to multi-compartment lockers.
  • Manufactured in many locker configurations, shapes and sizes.
  • The door frame has added strength and security – formed from heavy gauge mild steel of press formed channel section.
  • All edges have return bends. The front and rear edges are drilled for fitting to stand or stands with seat.
  • Stands are supplied with or without adjustable feet.
  • A high-quality paint finish is provided by our automated paint plant.
  • Bespoke designs are available to suit customer needs.

Metal lockers can be nested together:

Single unit lockers and nested lockers are produced in the manufacturing process.  Nested lockers also offer secure storage and furthermore :

  • Save money by using less raw material
  • Save installation time, saving you more money
  • Is much better for our environment
  • Can be ordered in nest 1, nest 2 or nest 3 wide to suit your layout

Laminate doors can be fitted on metal lockers:

5 door laminate lockersLaminate lockers are suitable for wet or dry environments.  Solid Grade Laminate is available in many colours and texture finishes.  It provides an attractive appearance as well as functionality.  Even more, there’s the opportunity to include solid grade laminate end panels at extreme ends. This provides a nice added feature to the overall look of all heavy duty locker systems. This also adds protection to the lockers at extreme ends of a row.

A range of locking options and numbers for lockers:

accessoriesOur metal lockers are fitted with quality cam locks c/w 2 keys per compartment. Latch locks or otherwise known as hasp and staple locks also come standard with the lockers.   Another is the three-point locking system.  It is also available and provides effective and secure latching with locking at three positions.

Coin-operated (collect or refund) and card locks are also available as optional extras.

locker number platesLocker numbering, number plates, discs, spare keys and locks are all available which you can view in our accessories section.

We offer a choice of flat top or sloping top lockers.  These prevent users leaving items on top of lockers and maintain a tidy locker area.

Note: When preparing locker room layouts, allow approximately 4 mm extra for each nest for rivet heads at the sides of lockers in each row.


Summary of Locker Types and Sizes below: