Inline Cubicles Designed for High Demands

Extra Secure Cubicles

Our range of inline changing cubicles is designed to cope with the rigorous demands of both wet and dry environments. Perfect for shower rooms and changing rooms, they are designed to provide privacy for users and to stop your dry clothes and towels from getting wet.

They can be manufactured to different sizes to suit different users from individuals to family pods as well as accessible options to make them fully compliant with the Equalities Act.

Aesthetically, the doors and the panels are flush-fitting creating simple clean-cut lines. This makes areas look wider and longer and complement the look of lockers and other fittings.

With extra-long panels and doors, they are visually attractive as well as being extra secure and offering users unparalleled privacy. They can also accommodate shower cubicles with a privacy screen and bench seat as required. Inline cubicles range can be used for multiple purposes.

Take a look at our Case Study at Station Road, Cambridge to see an example of our Inline Cubicles.


• Provide complete privacy
• Sleek linear lines
• Can be manufactured to different sizes for single, family or accessible use.
• Each door is front flushed fitted with two heavy-duty hinges, incorporating anti-finger trap and anti-lift design.
• Hinges can be adjusted to keep the door open, closed or ajar when not in use.

Our products can be easily added to specifications using the NBS Platform: