Specially Designed Heater Lockers

Ideal for commuters and staff who require their damp clothes to dry before the end of the working day. These heated lockers are also great for swimming pool or spa changing rooms. Lockers can come in the standard sizes and compartments, can also come in Z shape lockers. Bespoke sizes are available too.

Our heated lockers are the perfect solution for wet clothes. These lockers can come with metal or laminate doors depending on your aesthetic needs. A perforated base allows the warm air to circulate inside the locker and perforated slots at the top allow the damp air to flow out.

We use single and twin tube heaters. These lockers can plug into a UK 3 pin power socket or, wires can connect into a fused switch depending on your site. For a large run of lockers, it is recommended to wire lockers into a fused switch. Additional shelves and shoe holders are available on request.

Heated System

  • Lockers are placed on top of a 175mm stand
  • 13amp
  • Eco-friendly heated system
  • An electronic plug-in thermostat is available on request as an extra
  • The optional thermostat has a 24-hour time control and 3 different programmable time periods
  • The set temperature of the thermostat ranges between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius
  • Standard locks are Cam or Hasp, other locks and accessories are available on request
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