Drying Wet Clothes with our Heated Lockers

Heated lockers are ideal for wet and humid environments where outdoor clothing can be dried.  This range of heated lockers will dry wet clothing and store the belongings securely at the same time.

This is the newest locker type added to our collection.  Tube heater lockers are manufactured to the size and specification you request. A perforated locker base is supplied to allow warm air to circulate through the lockers and the element is provided in the locker stand below.


Heated element stored below locker:

Single stands are manufactured to suit the width and depth of the locker.  These are fitted with an electric tube heater underneath.

The lockers are supplied with a tube heater and skirted locker stand. The lockers are manufactured with a perforated base to allow the heat to rise into the locker to aid drying of clothes.

Lockers have a ventilated drying shelf which is ideal for a bike helmet, hard hat or cap.

Notes on specification:

The locker stands will increase the overall height of the unit by 175mm, giving 150mm clearance from the underside of the frame.

Rear legs are inset by 25mm to clear skirting boards etc, and the bottom of each leg is fitted with a plain bung.  Locker stands are cladded to enclose the tube heater.

Contact our office for more information on heated lockers, colours and sizes.

heated locker unit