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Over the last several years we’ve seen a dramatic rise in enquiries relating to ‘charging lockers’ and smart storage. These are particularly in demand in schools, colleges and universities but also in commercial, retail and industrial environments. The ability to safely store phones, tablets and laptops or power tools while charging them at the same time is of great benefit.

These innovative lockers are ideal for charging devices and are available with various compartment doors i.e. 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 28, 30 and 40.

Lockers can be supplied with or without the charging capability (our charging version has 13amp charging socket and two USB Ports). The internal sockets are side-mounted for ease of access with a single or double plug option.

All doors and side panels are perforated to aid ventilation and reduce the risk of heat build-up.


• Locker doors are manufactured from either heavy gauge mild steel of press-formed channel section or solid grade laminate.
• A 3-pin mains voltage socket is standard in each compartment and each has two USB charging ports. A fused switch at the top of each cabinet enables the unit to be isolated.
• A 2-metre flying lead is supplied to enable the unit to be wired to a suitably rated fused spur. The units internal wiring is rated at 22 amps.
• As with all electrical installations, a suitably qualified electrician should be consulted before wiring the units to the mains supply.

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