Providing Secure Storage with Our Golf Lockers

We design and manufacture an extensive range of golf lockers, for storing golf clubs, golf bags and other golfing types of equipment. These lockers are manufactured from metal or laminate material.

Golf lockers are more than just a place to store equipment; the golf lockers reflect the golfers. Many golfers take great pleasure in personalising their lockers, adorning them to represent their past victories. It’s a place where you can express your passion for the game.

Types of Golf Lockers

Although the original purpose of 1275mm (4ft 2in) lockers was to store golf equipment, we have found other uses. Our golf lockers provide a safe and reliable space to store your valuable golf equipment and clubs, with strong locking mechanisms that guarantee a secure place. Additionally, our lockers are manufactured from high-quality materials and are designed to resist normal use-related wear and tear, maintaining their aesthetic and usefulness over time.

  • The foursome has four identically sized compartments for the storage of smaller items.
  • The Classic is designed to store gold bags and is intended to be fitted with a seating unit.
  • The similarly sized Club can be stacked on top of the Classic as a space-saving measure.
  • Finally, the Professional is mostly used for clothing storage and is fitted with a shelf unit.

With our high-quality golf lockers, you can enhance your golfing facilities and add a touch of luxury and convenience to your golfing experience. Discover the best storage solutions for golfers.