We're skilled in providing Leisure Lockers

System 2000 Leisure Lockers

Our swimming pool locker range is specially designed for chlorinated environments with high usage.  The lockers are manufactured in-house from aluminium bodies with plant or solid grade laminate doors.  The System 2000 locker has specially extruded doorframes with continuous door hinges.  The curved single piece body of the locker is easy to clean and therefore hygienic and user friendly with no sharp edges or dirt trap corners.

These sports lockers are usually found in leisure centres along with our other cubicles, IPS, vanities and wet spec bench seating.

System 2200 Lockers (Inset Doors)

We also make an inset door leisure locker called the System 2200 which gives the utmost security.  The System 2000 and System 2200 wet spec lockers comes with a range of locking devices.  Due to them being chlorine resistant, these swimming pool lockers predominately come with waterproof coin return or retain lockers, however they are also found in private gyms leading to the lockers having latches for padlocks.  The coin locks have a hook bolt design which gives engagement into the door frame of the lockers giving it additional security.

The locker keys can be supplied with wrist straps as swimmers and gym users would be the main users.  We also provide wheelchair friendly half height lockers so that the chair can fit neatly beneath the compartment.  Leisure lockers are generally found in specially built alcove or can be supplied with a sloping top to prevent dirt building up and unwanted rubbish on the locker tops.

Another feature which is becoming ever more important within our leisure lockers range are glass lockers.  This is a spinoff of our basic System 2000 design.  Rather than solid grade laminate, we replace with doors with glass.

We supply lockers with glass doors to spa villages, health and wellbeing centres and leisure centres but they’re not limited to these sectors.  Our wet lockers in our System 2000 range are ideal for all environments and can be used with a range of doors including solid grade laminate or glass doors.

On the finishes touches a concrete plinth is most commonly used in a wet public area.  Similarly, aluminium plinths are popular and allow for adjustable heights – we can supply a matching laminate covering to ensure no dirt or dust is trapped. Alternatively a locker stand is another option that can be considered.

Wooden Lockers

Wood doesn’t generally lend itself to wet environments since it is a material that absorbs water.  However wood effect laminate is suitable for a wet area.  This project has been completed with system 2000 lockers and wooden laminate doors.  It’s a nice substitute to all wooden lockers and is also aesthetically pleasing.