Commercial Office Lockers and Cubicles

Commercial office lockers and cubicles can come in many different sizes, materials and colours, we offer bespoke solutions if you have something specific in mind. Every sector needs washrooms, toilets and changing facilities. We offer a turnkey solution for offices, retail parks and factories. Many employers offer ‘green’ travel plans and other incentives to cycle to work; it is healthy and protects the environment. However, one of the most important things is having suitable facilities. Instead of having wet clothing or towels in the office, employees can now dry them quickly and easily. We can manufacture and supply heated lockers for this purpose.

City offices want to impress customers and new employees, seem contemporary and stylish and have durable facilities. Our integrated plumbing system panels hide unsightly pipework and vanity units can be accessorised with the latest hand driers. We can provide a complete look by matching lockers, cubicles, and IPS and vanity units by using Solid Grade Laminate material from Abet Laminati. As an example, we provided glass lockers to give a luxury and modern feel to Eos Interiors Ltd.