Making lockers designed by you

We’re in a unique and fortunate position to be able to offer you lockers made from our factory in Suffolk.  We have a dedicated number of teams within our workforce who work diligently to ensure we produce the best locker output for our customers.

The raw material is purchased in coil or sheet form and arrives at our factory ready to begin the manufacturing process. You can see from start to finish this process in our video below.  The solid grade laminate comes to us from reputable suppliers in complete sheets and our skilled craftsmen cut it to size.  These are used for cubicles or the locker doors on our lockers.

It’s safe to say, the majority of the manufacturing processes to make our lockers or cubicles is carried out in-house and as a result of this, we are able to keep our products competitively priced.

We hope you enjoy our video.

Helmsman Manufacturing Process