Providing Secure Storage with our Workplace Lockers

Helmsman’s Specialised Lockers

These specialised lockers are full-length units that incorporate different internal arrangements to suit differing needs. They include all the characteristics of the Vedette multi-compartment range with some additional specialised features.

Welled Lockers

The welled front allows an integral seat which is achieved without the need for mounting the lockers on stands.  The seat slat is manufactured from hardwood, coated with clear lacquer and is 382 mm high overall. At the bottom of the ‘well’ a 20 mm gap is provided for easy cleaning of the unit.

Divided Lockers

With addition of a specially designed steel sheet divider, fitted below the shelf, the Vedette locker can be converted into this multi-purpose model; the divider separating soiled clothing from other clean garments.

Garment Dispensers and Collectors

Helmsman’s Garment Dispensers and Collectors make sure your employees have somewhere to collect garments and store soiled clothing waiting to be laundered.

The Helmsman’s Laundry Lockers (or Garment Dispensers) ensures that clean laundry for the individual employee is secure and ready for collection at any time of the day or night. The system keeps garments clean and secure, thus reducing casual theft and eliminating the need for staffed cloakrooms and stores.

In Post Lockers

Our In Post Lockers are the perfect way to ensure paper communications are organised and delivered to their user. They’re simply there to assist a busy workplace with the organisation of mail, letters and communications.

These lockers are popular with busy offices and staff rooms as well as many commercial and industrial environments. Helmsman’s in post lockers are available in 5, 10,15 and 20 compartment configurations.