Essential School Lockers at St Peters

Project Details

Client: St Peter’s Church of England School
Location: Exeter
Project Type: School lockers
Project Value (approx.): £44K
Year completed: 2023

Essential School Lockers

St Peter’s Church of England School places a strong emphasis on the community of its students by offering everyone the chance to achieve their full potential through focused, ambitious, planned, and flexible options. Through education, wisdom, and compassion, the school aims to improve students’ moral character and promote a feeling of community.

Here at Helmsman, we supplied and installed 175 four-compartment laminate metal lockers. The specification of the essential school lockers was 1775mm high, 300mm wide, and 450mm deep. The school requested for the fabrication of the lockers to have slopping tops. Sloping tops are a common choice for school lockers because they reduce dust buildup and allow for storage without setting a risk to students’ safety if something falls off.

With the essential school lockers were requested to have a metal body coated in our standard metal colour of ‘Ice’. Whereas the doors were laminate where in ‘Blue Galaxy, Electric Blue, and Ozone’. The lockers were completed with oval laminated number plates above the Camlocks, the school also requested for the locks to have master keys. Camlock is a great lock and ideal for schools as students are guaranteed that their belongings are secure and safe.

Laminate Metal lockers are a great option for school lockers since they are trendy and popular. Additionally, the material is able to hold up better to scratches, marks, and blemishes over the long term.

It was great working with Pinnacle FM Ltd on this project at St Peter’s Church of England School! If you have a similar project or need a quote, give us a call at 01284 530491 or get a quote here.

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