Project Details

Client: Circle Square
Location: Manchester
Project Type: Commercial
Project Value (approx.): £19.5K
Year completed: 2024

Circle Square is a brand-new property with a variety of sectors, based in Manchester. The property includes over 1,000 new homes, 400,000 sq ft of flexible office space, a multi-story car park & hotel, plus shops, restaurants, bars, and Symphony Park, the city’s newest green space.

Our team manufactured and installed 26 two-compartment Laminate Heated Lockers to accommodate 52 people, designed for a wet area, which assures that there will be no risk of peeling or rust.

The specification of two-compartment Heated Lockers were 1800mm high, 300mm wide, with 1mm rivets, and 450mm deep. Lockers are positioned on top of a 175mm stand, which allows the heat to enter the lockers through perforation. The Laminate Heated lockers were requested to be in ‘Gris Orage’  by Polyrey, which offers a visually pleasing design that matches the room’s colour scheme.

Helmsman Heated lockers are the perfect solution for wet clothes, with laminate doors to fit your aesthetic needs. The lockers are manufactured with a perforated base as well as the shelf allowing the warm air to circulate inside the locker and perforated slots at the top allow the damp air to flow out.

Laminate Heated Lockers were finished with Lowe & Fletcher Nimbus in Black.  Nimbus is a great lock option since it gives users the peace of mind that their personal possessions are secured and it can be used in both public and private user modes, meaning it may be permanently locked up with a single code or used for day-to-day use.

Helmsman Heated Lockers are a fantastic option for many industries. Heated lockers provide commuters and employees who require their damp clothes to dry before the end of the working day.

If you have a project where heated lockers are required, or if you want to know more about helmsman products, contact us today at 01284 530496 or get your quote here today.

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