Bombardier Services UK Laminate Lockers with Matching Benches

Project Details

Client: Bombardier Services UK
Contractor: Pure Office Solutions Ltd
Location: Kent
Project Type: Industrial
Project Value (approx): 50K
Year Completed: 2022

Laminate Lockers with Matching Benches

Project Overview

The Bombardier office and airport in Kent provide aircraft services such as manufacturing of business jets, service and repairs and general aircraft expertise. This modern office and manufacturing space aligns with the high-quality business jets they produce.

Helmsman manufactured, delivered and installed 172 two compartment heavy-duty laminate lockers with welled locker doors. The locker specifications are standard 1775 high, 300 wide and 450 deep, and the locker body is mild steel painted in Helmsman classic ‘ice’ colour.

The client chose the neutral Greenlam Primeval Oak solid grade laminate door colour to match the light aesthetics of the room. Sloped top panels, end panels and bench seating are all manufactured from the same laminate to create a nice flow throughout the room. Each bank of laminate lockers has an integrated cantilever bench running across it, which is a great space-saving solution.

Simple white number disks decorate each locker door, keeping it in line with the neutral look. L&F Camlocks sit just underneath each number disk. These locks are easy to use, and each staff member can have their own allocated locker and key to keep their items secure.

This locker room is an ideal space for staff and visitors. The bright area and durable lockers work well together. We are pleased with the overall result and look forward to working with Pure Office Solutions soon.