Leicestershire Police Charging Lockers

Project Details

Client: Leicestershire Police Headquarters
Location: Enderby
Project Type: Emergency Services
Project Value (approx): 15K

Police Charging Lockers

Project Overview

Helmsman won an exciting Leicestershire Police project for charging lockers with bespoke specifications. Leicestershire Police is the territorial Police force responsible for policing Leicestershire and Rutland areas in England.

For this project, we had to balance two sets of needs. We needed to create an ideal storage solution for technological equipment and to deliver something stylish and space-saving. Our team recommended a few options, but being able to provide a bespoke powered solution was most important.

Helmsman manufactured, supplied and delivered bespoke powered lockers to the headquarter office in Enderby for the frontline staff. Above all, these lockers serve the purpose of storing technological devices such as laptops and airwave radios. Security has been the key to this project. A request of 12 compartments per locker meant lockers could hold more items within the small space.

Inside each compartment, there are 2 UK sockets with double USB portals on each side. Each locker compartment has a four-number combination lock for protection. Every locker has a ‘D’ door which can open all locker compartments with one master key, only accessible for supervisors who may need to reset locks for a single locker compartment. The ON/OFF switch is located at the top of each locker in the sloping top, saving electricity and keeping clear of clutter. Sizes are 1800mm high by 450mm wide and 500mm deep, been powder coated in standard colours of ‘ice’ and ‘royale’ for the doors. These doors have bespoke square perforations specifically requested by Leicestershire Police. In addition, they are easy to use and plug into a standard wall socket.

Emergency service personnel in mind, Police lockers provide robust, practical storage solutions. We manufacture a variety of Police lockers for uniforms, kits and other equipment.