Metal lockers at Weald of Kent Grammar School

Project Details

Client: Tunbridge Wells Grammar School
Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Project Type: School lockers
Project value (approx.):  £10K
Year completed: 2023

While the summer holidays are going on, many schools are thinking about restoring, replacing, or expanding the current lockers. The holidays are a great time to get these jobs done, as it’s much quicker for installers to operate and they don’t get in the way of your students. Our Team at Helmsman manufactured and installed new lockers replacing the old ones at Weald of Kent Grammar.  Weald of Kent Grammar is a secondary school that has a strong focus on academic achievement and selects pupils based on their ability.

The school requested metal lockers, with 3 compartments and 1 compartment with metal sloping tops. Metal lockers are a beneficial option for schools, as they can come in a range of compartments, colours, and sizes. The school requested sloping tops that prevent people from using the top of the lockers as a storage area, which can create a safety hazard if items fall or if students climb on top of the lockers.

Our team manufactured 98 one-compartment with the size of lockers 665mm high, 300mm wide, and 450mm deep. Also, three compartment that is 1775mm high, 300 wide, and 450 deep. The colour of the lockers was requested to be ‘Ultramarine Blue’ with body colour to be ‘Ice’. With sloping tops to be ‘elegant grey’ and extended by 80mm. With the lockers, they have requested Cam locks which would make students feel guaranteed that their belongings are safe and secure.

It was great to work again with Weald of Kent Grammar on this project. If you have a similar project or want to know more about school lockers, give us a call at 01284 530496  or contact us here.

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