Office Lockers at Refractis Limited

Project Details

Client: Refractis Limited
Location: London
Project Type: Office
Project Value (approx.): £37k
Year completed: 2023

office lockers

Refractis is a new consultancy founded out of a desire to help companies to deliver lasting value from their technology based in London.

Here at Helmsman, our team manufactured and installed bespoke 5 three-compartment laminate lockers in the office for the employees at the Refractis. The specifications of the laminate lockers were 1160mm high, 360 wide, and 450 deep. The Solid Grade laminate was decided to be in the shade beautiful shade of ‘Sage’. This is a fantastic choice for an office setting as it is calm and aesthetic. As the laminate lockers were finished in the middle of the room, the cladding was used on the back of the lockers to cover any mild steel as well as to cover the legs of the lockers to maintain the aesthetic look.

The Lockers were completed with Lowe & Fletcher Nimbus lock in black. This is a fantastic choice when it comes to security as they are becoming more popular due to their convenience as they don’t require the use of physical keys, however, it has an override key in case the codes are forgotten. Additionally, the locks can be set for day use for the staff that are using it for the day, as well as it can have permanent codes for the users that will be using it daily.

Office lockers bring a variety of advantages as they are a popular option for companies to purchase for their employees as they may be bringing items that have a high value for them, and having a secure locker brings a piece of mind that their valuable belongings are secure whilst they are working. As well as it would create space as it would reduce desk-based storage, and they would be able to have more space and feel more organised.

It was a great project on office lockers with Refractis Limited!

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