Staff Lockers for Reach Printing Services

Project Details

Client: Reach Printing Services Ltd
Location: Birmingham
Project Type: Commercial
Year Completed: 2018

bespoke lockers

Project Overview

When staff lockers were needed for Reach Printing we provided a range of solutions. We provided their night shift employees with a locker system to meets their needs. Reach Printing Services are best known for publishing one of the regional titles of the Daily Mirror. They also work with independent publishers and businesses offering design, print and distribution services.

So, whether it’s printing magazines or tabloid newspapers, stitching or trimming we are pleased to have put our stamp on this. Our lockers at Reach Printing are now supporting the process of publications making their way onto shelves across the country. This is something we are extremely proud of.

Working from a blank canvas our technical team provided a bespoke locker solution that met their needs. Each employee can operate a unit of 4 compartments with one key giving them access to a twin locker for storing their clothing on one side and collecting clean workwear from the other side. Two further locker compartments above this provide storage for footwear and lunch boxes. The sloping tops keep the room clutter-free and reflect the light around the room. At each end the design includes lockers for crash helmets; these bespoke lockers match the colour scheme and merge with the others to provide a unique managed system.