Service installation job in Central London

Project Details:

Location: Central London
Project Type: Service
Project value (approx.):  £21k
Year completed: 2023


Here at Helmsman, as we value our customers and the performance of our products, we provide After-sales Services that involve maintenance to replacements of a variety of parts such as locks, keys, locker doors, or cubicles. As we are a manufacturer whether the products are built by us or a different manufacturer, we can assist with everything from small repairs to replacement doors or even a full refurbishment.

Our team went into Central London 2 years ago, where we manufactured and installed 140 two-compartment Z lockers. After a couple of years, the team was requested for a service install job to retrofit 280 KitLock1000 digital combination locks onto their current Camlocks on their Z Lockers.  Digital combination locks are an excellent choice for locks as they are becoming more popular due to their convenience as they don’t require the use of physical keys. With KitLock1000, clients may also choose whether the codes are day use, which means they are forgotten at the end of the day, or alternatively, they can be configured to have a single code throughout the usage of the locker.

We can assist you if you need a service or want to replace a range of items including locks, keys, locker doors, or even cubicles. contact us here today or give us a call 01284 530491.

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