Suffolk Golf Club Revisit

Golf Club Leisure Lockers Revisit

Five Years On…

It has been five years since the redevelopment and renovation of the female and male shower and changing rooms in the health hub at All Saints Hotel, Golf and Spa. This modern hotel has something for everyone, set in the countryside, it is a peaceful vacation spot close by to beautiful villages, towns and cities. We had a nice revisit at the golf club and installed some more leisure lockers.

All Saints hotel has been expanding ever since, and we’ve been asked to come back to manufacture and install additional lockers for the health hub changing areas. Helmsman supplied two-compartment leisure lockers. These lockers have specifically been made to provide secure storage for spa users in a wet environment. These two-compartment leisure lockers differ in colour and have engraved numbering and ‘SPA’ to differentiate between the gym lockers and spa lockers to benefit customers.

Five years on, Helmsman lockers and cubicles installed back in 2016 are in good condition considering the high usage from All Saints customers. We take pride in producing high-quality products. We love working with a local business and look forward to many more years of working together.

Check out the full case study from 2016 on the Suffolk Golf Club project here.