Project Details

Client: Space Industries
Location: Poole
Project Type: Commercial Lockers
Project Value (approx.): 6k
Year completed: 2023

Space Industries was established in 1986.  They offer a range of construction services from planning to design and construction of residential and commercial projects, with specialism in the design and installation of mezzanine floors, cleanrooms, and office interiors.

Our team at Helmsman manufactured and installed 9 full-length vedette lockers. The specification of the vedette lockers was 1775mm high, 300 wide, and 450 deep. The metal lockers were in a wet spec which is ideal for an environment that has high humidity. The body of a vedette locker was stainless steel and aluminium which was powder coated in our standard shade of ‘Ice’, whereas the zinc plated doors had a special colour change, in shades ‘Blue’ and ‘Orange’ which are not our standard options.

Clients requested the metal lockers to be finished with Camlocks. Camlocks are a great locking system, as it is highly reliable for the users to ensure that their personal items are secured.

The metal lockers were finished with stands. The specifications of the stands were 150mm high, 300 wide, and 450 deep. The stands are usually requested for many reasons such as lifting the lockers off the floor, making it easier to clean, and there is less dust. Additionally, the metal lockers were completed with sloping tops. Sloping tops are an excellent addition as they prevent the growth of dust and dirt.

The locker rooms are an ideal space for staff. We are pleased with the overall result. It was a great project working alongside Space Industries Limited.

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