Health Clubs, Spas and Gyms - All Helmsman's products can be incorporated within this sector.

Better education on health has unlocked new trends 

Modern changing rooms have become much sleeker in their design, overall look and appeal to their audiences.

Architects and designers have evolved into creating high spec environments with eg colour psychology incorporated into glass locker offers huge benefits to each leisure provider.

We have become a nation who are more health conscious through better education thanks to social media.  We are more aware of the benefits of visiting our local health clubs and gyms regularly. The growth of the leisure sector has moved on so quickly in recent years with the need for newer and more appealing changing rooms e.g. laminate lockers and glass lockers.

A range of lockers to chose from

Our basic metal lockers come in a range of doors starting with one door up to six doors.  These lockers are generally fitted with either coin return locks or coin retain locks.  Other locker types are available in our accessories section.

Helmsman Heavy Duty Lockers are popular in these types of environments as the need for vandal proof lockers is essential.  The Heavy Duty locker is also available in wet spec or dry spec eg If it is an area of humidity i.e. swimming pool and shower environments wet spec lockers are essential.

Noticeably within this sector System 2000 Lockers are used in two, three and four doors. We supply solid grade laminate doors in a range of colours and can be fitted from our range of locks.  These lockers are also resistance to vandalism and cleaning is of low maintenance.

The high-end Glass Lockers are aesthetically pleasing and most notably used for spa lockers. A range of colours and locks are available that will enhance the overall look and feel of the lockers.  It’s exhilarating to see the finished picture which has Helmsman glass lockers and cubicles.  This matching seating creates and overall ambience which is both uplifting and engaging.


Our Cubicle range – Now offering Fully Framed Cubicles

Also available is a range of semi-framed cubicles, toilet cubicles and shower cubicles in a choice of materials and colours.  The newest product added to our range is the fully framed cubicles.  Our team can help you make the decisions that suit your budget and make your dream changing rooms a reality.

Bench Seating

Whether it’s locker stands, stands with seats, cloakroom stands, hanging rails we’ve got the range for you to chose from.

As a manufacturer of lockers and cubicles we can make almost any design to suit your needs.  We are acutely aware of the the latest DDA and building regulations which are taken into consideration.

Contact our office for more information on the materials choices and colour options available.