Safe and Secure Workwear and Staff Lockers for Hotels

staff lockersSafe and secure with your belongings

Our Hotels are places of great importance as it’s where we like to be able to relax and enjoy a break away from the everyday hustle and bustle.  The staff employed in hotels are crucial as it’s their job to ensure everything runs smoothly.

So, whether we’re at work or taking a break from work we need to be happy and content our belongings are stored away safely and securely and that’s where our lockers come in.

Workwear Lockers

Our standard metal lockers, heavy duty lockers or miniminder lockers are great for security while in the workplace.

In line with good housekeeping, kitchen staff can benefit from our workwear lockers which include garment dispensers and garment collectors. These lockers make it easy for soiled linen to be distributed and collected.

Employers have a responsibility to provide staff with suitable storage for their belongings.  Staff lockers are perfect for employees to store personal items such as clothing, laptops, phones, bags and other items.

Luggage lockers for guests’ storage of cases and holdalls are where we can help. See this locker type supplied which can also be used for foldable bike storage.  We can assist with choices for your Spa lockers in the form of laminate or glass lockers for your leisure facilities.

Miniminder Lockers

These small storage lockers will suit many working environments where staff or employee storage is needed.

The miniminder lockers are available in many different configurations and colours allowing you to choose the right style to suit.  Sometimes referred to as cube lockers these are a great space saver and can be attached or placed under work benches or size restricted locations.

Our manufacturing facility can also supply bespoke sizes and unique numbering.