Bespoke Project on Locker Fans

Here at Helmsman, our team manufactured and installed Locker Fans for a bespoke project at SSE Thermal.

Beginning of the Bespoke Project

As we are a manufacturer, we can offer design and creative help for the locker styles that our customers want to create.

Our design team at Helmsman developed a CAD drawing at the start of the project that was a plan view for the architects to approve and their ideas to be satisfied.

A power system was also created by the design team to demonstrate how the power system is environmentally efficient as it powers numerous locker fans at once rather than individually.


As it was all approved, we began the process of manufacturing wet specification Metal Lockers, which is a great choice for an environment that has high humidity and moisture. For the metal lockers to be suitable for wet environments the electro-zinc plates were used for the doors of the lockers,  whereas the frame was stainless steel, and the body of the lockers was aluminum.

The locker doors were powder-coated in the shade ‘Smoke’ and the body was powder-coated in our standard colour of ‘Ice’ and was finished with our Camlocks. Which is a great lock to keep the employees assured that their belonging is all safe.

The Lockers have seat stands attached, which is advantageous since it allows customers to sit down and change their shoes rather than having to balance.

It was great working with Premier Modular on this bespoke project!

CAD Drawing

Power System