Transforming Your Spa Changing Room

As spa enthusiasts, we recognize the importance of each little element in establishing a peaceful environment. In addition to the aesthetic and practicality of Helmsman lockers, cubicles, benches, vanity units and IPS, we want to share with you today some priceless advice on how to make the most of your spa changing room experience.

1. Organised storage for a vibrating vibe.

One of the key elements of a relaxing spa experience is an organised changing room. Lockers are an essential part where customers can store personal belongings in a secure trusted locker. These lockers not only provide plenty of storage but also customize the colour and material of lockers to complement the aesthetic of your spa.

An example of a past project is one of our past projects for Downpatrick Leisure Centre. The material was mixed between the laminate and glass locker, where the colours that were used for the glass lockers were green, which created thoughts of nature and freshness on the other hand, the laminate lockers were in brown tone symbolising the soil and vitality.

2. Luxurious Seating for Ultimate Relaxation

Comfortable seating is paramount for guests as they prepare for their pampering session. Helmsman benches offer the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication, as we are a manufacturing company, we provide bespoke benching as well as our standard benches.

3. Cubicles for a Personal Space

Privacy is a non-negotiable factor in any changing room.  Helmsman cubicles offer a private area for visitors to get ready and change, guaranteeing a feeling of peace.

Helmsmen offer a range of types of lockers in the material of laminate and glass cubicles. The glass cubicles provide a luxurious atmosphere.

Introducing Helmsman Lockers: Elevating your Spa Changing Room Experience

The selection of furniture is the foundation of a truly remarkable spa changing room. Helmsman lockers, cubicles and benches are designed and manufactured with durability, aesthetics, and bespoke designs in mind.

Here’s why we are a perfect match for your spa:

Durability Beyond Compare:

Helmsman lockers are manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and resilience in high-use areas.

Security for peace of mind:

Helmsman can provide our customers with a secure locking system from standard locks to smart locks such as Lowe & Fletcher or Ojmar. All the locking systems provide customers with peace of mind that personal belongings are safe.

Unlock the Potential of Your Changing Room:

Are you prepared to upgrade your spa changing room? Explore the wide selection of Helmsman lockers, cubicles, bench seating as well as vanity units and IPS, and discover how you can create a stylish and relaxing retreat.

We hope these tips inspire you to elevate your experience in the spa changing rooms. If you want more information on our products for your project, call us today at 01284 530496 or get your quote here.

Benefits of Helmsman Z Lockers

The Z locker stands out as a fantastic design that combines a small footprint with maximised interior capacity in the search for effective storage solutions. These lockers provide an appealing option that strikes a mix between usefulness and efficiency as we move through settings when a room is at a premium.

Here at Helmsman, we provide our customers with a variety of types of Z-shaped lockers. From Laminate as well as Metal Z lockers, which both can be suitable for either a wet or a dry environment. Alternatively, we offer Heated Z lockers, which are perfect for workers and commuters who need their damp garments to air dry before the end of the workday. These heated lockers are particularly excellent for use in spa or swimming pool changing areas too.

In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of Z lockers that set them apart from other lockers

Advantages of Z-shaped Lockers:

Space-Efficient Design:

Z lockers are effectively designed to maximize the amount of space that is accessible. Because of their distinctive Z structure, they have a smaller footprint, which makes them perfect for settings where every square inch counts, they are manufactured so they can comfortably hold large personal items as well as hanging items such as clothes. These lockers may be used in a busy gym, an office with many employees, or a small school. They are made to fit neatly into tight spaces.

Customization for Compact Spaces:

Z lockers are often requested with customizable options for each customer. As a manufacturer, we are able to meet the customers’ needs by providing a selection of sizes that would match the available sizes and designs, which can mean that Z lockers can be bespoke than just standard sizes.

Seamless Integration:

The sleek and modern designs of Z lockers allow them to seamlessly integrate into various environments. Whether arranged in a large space or considerately positioned in small spaces, Z lockers improve the room’s aesthetic appeal without affecting the main purpose of the lockers – efficient storage.

Enhanced Accessibility:

The Z shape improves accessibility while also making the most of the available space. This is especially advantageous in environments such as leisure centres or commercial shared office spaces, where having quick and convenient access to personal belongings is essential.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Being compact doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the style. Z Lockers frequently have an eye-catching modern design. These lockers’ appealing features provide any setting with a touch of sophistication while maintaining a functional and visually pleasant atmosphere.


In the search for efficient storage solutions, there are a lot of benefits of Z Lockers, with a small footprint and maximised internal space emerge as an effective choice. For individuals trying to maximise storage in constrained places, their customizable features, adaptability, and smooth integration into various environments make them useful and advanced alternatives. Z lockers stand out as a tribute to creative and space-conscious design as we continue to value the aesthetics and usefulness in living and working environments.

Contact us today at 01284 530412 if you would like to speak to our team for more information about our Z lockers. Alternatively, get your quote here.

Blue Glass Locker and Lock Close up

Reasons why smart lockers are more relevant

The use of smart lockers is becoming more relevant than ever as we work through the challenges of modern life. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of smart lockers and why in today’s fast-paced and increasingly technological, they are not just a convenience but also an essential.

Eco-friendly solutions:

In a time when environmental concerns are front of mind worldwide, smart lockers help to promote eco-friendly behaviour. These lockers reduce the carbon footprint associated with typical parcel delivery services by streamlining delivery routes and decreasing the need for redelivery efforts. Additionally, the material of the lockers in a variety of sectors from leisure lockers to commercial lockers, can also reduce the carbon emissions that were being used in the past, creating sustainable lockers.

Enhanced security

Security concerns have always been a top priority, and smart lockers increase the security of goods that are kept within the storage. Lockers are equipped with advanced locks to identify the users such as a one-time code, some locks are equipped with RFID wrist straps or RIFD fobs, which offer extra security against any theft or not permitted access.

Round-the-clock accessibility

The traditional 9 to 5 workday is gradually changing from the workforce. Smart locker’s 24/7 accessibility fits in perfectly with the active lifestyle of the modern person. Smart lockers guarantee that customers may access their items when it’s most convenient for them, whether it is to retrieve a package on the weekends or to take their belongings a few hours after working hours.


Smart lockers are becoming more than just a handy tool; they are an essential part of our everyday existence. The importance of smart lockers has recently increased as we overcome the challenges of a world that is changing rapidly. Technology provides a look into a future when technology not only improves our lives but plays a crucial part in how we interact with the environment around us, from contactless convenience to sustainable practices

locker room

Unlocking Creativity: Design Ideas for Your Locker Room

Bench Seating and Glass and Laminate Lockers
White Z Lockers
Glass Cubicles

A plain area may be transformed into a stylish and comfortable location with the right design when it comes to designing a locker room that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. These creative design ideas may serve as inspiration for any project, whether it is remodeling a leisure centre, swimming pool or spa changing room, commercial offices, healthcare or even schools.

Why does locker room design matter?

Locker rooms serve as a personal sanctuary for individuals, making them an essential part of the facility. A well-designed locker room not only enhances users’ experience but also reflects on the overall atmosphere of the space.

Here are some creative design ideas tailored to optimize both functionality and aesthetics.

Colour psychology

Incorporate soothing colours like blues, greens, and wood effect to create a relaxing ambiance, whereas bright colours can add energy, while neutral tones provide enduring surroundings.

Furthermore, there is a variety of types of lockers such as Laminate lockers, metal lockers, staff lockers, and glass lockers. Glass lockers create a warm and luxurious feel with the gloss over the lockers, which is a great idea for spas changing rooms.

Eco-friendly elements

Purchasing lockers and cubicles with sustainable materials. Carbon-neutral lockers and cubicles are a great way to be sustainable as they reduce carbon emissions which helps the environment.

Privacy enhancements

Incorporate cubicles that enhance privacy between the individuals. This would ensure that they feel comfortable in the environment. Furthermore, lockers can keep the users secure and have peace of mind that their belongings are secure and safe.

Accessible Features

It’s ideal to have features such as seat stands, and benches for users who need to sit down rather than balancing when it comes to changing shoes, additionally having hooks in the lockers so they can hang up their personal belongings.

Conclusion: Elevate your locker room design

You can build a locker room that ticks both functional and aesthetic boxes by using these space-specific design concepts. When you embrace sustainability and originality, your locker room will turn into a place of security that benefits everyone who enters.

Z Lockers with Ojmar OCS Pro Locks
Leisure Laminate Lockers and Bespoke Laminate Benching to Match
Bench Seating and Lockers

Bespoke Project on Locker Fans

Here at Helmsman, our team manufactured and installed Locker Fans for a bespoke project at SSE Thermal.

Beginning of the Bespoke Project

As we are a manufacturer, we can offer design and creative help for the locker styles that our customers want to create.

Our design team at Helmsman developed a CAD drawing at the start of the project that was a plan view for the architects to approve and their ideas to be satisfied.

A power system was also created by the design team to demonstrate how the power system is environmentally efficient as it powers numerous locker fans at once rather than individually.


As it was all approved, we began the process of manufacturing wet specification Metal Lockers, which is a great choice for an environment that has high humidity and moisture. For the metal lockers to be suitable for wet environments the electro-zinc plates were used for the doors of the lockers,  whereas the frame was stainless steel, and the body of the lockers was aluminum.

The locker doors were powder-coated in the shade ‘Smoke’ and the body was powder-coated in our standard colour of ‘Ice’ and was finished with our Camlocks. Which is a great lock to keep the employees assured that their belonging is all safe.

The Lockers have seat stands attached, which is advantageous since it allows customers to sit down and change their shoes rather than having to balance.

It was great working with Premier Modular on this bespoke project!

CAD Drawing

Power System

guidance on cleaning

Guidance on Cleaning Your Lockers

Whether it’s at school, at the gym, or even at work, lockers are a fundamental part of our everyday life. Lockers may gather relentless stains and smudges over time, not only making the environment unpleasant but also making it unsanitary. In this blog, we’ll give you guidance through the locker cleaning procedure and provide you with practical advice for removing all types of stains and smudges.

Guidance for Cleaning your lockers

Step 1. Use a damp cloth or sponge and a little soap or detergent for a general cleaning. After finishing, rinse and dry the panels.

Step 2: For tough strains apply a gentle home cleanser or detergent and a soft-bristled brush.

Step 3: If tough stains remain the same, apply a non-scratch cleanser like Cif or Flash while softly scrubbing the stain for 10 to 20 seconds.

Step 4: If the stain still exists, use household bleach that has not been diluted, let it sit for no more than two minutes, and then thoroughly rinse with warm water. Do not expose laminate to household bleach and it may result in irreversible discoloration.

Step 5: Use a mildly abrasive cream cleanser to gently scrub the surface if it has been discoloured due to prolonged contact with industrial grime.

Do and Do Not

  • Do not use acidic or abrasive cleaners.
  • DO always rinse thoroughly after cleaning (residue from cleaning solutions is
  • the single greatest cause of damage to glass and laminate surfaces).
  • Do wipe up spills immediately and rinse thoroughly.
  • DO NOT use acidic or abrasive cleaners, expose the glass or laminate to household bleach for prolonged periods of time, or apply excessive scrubbing.

Laminate and Glass Locker Doors.

With the Laminate and Glass locker doors always start by trying the gentlest method of cleaning. If a stain persists work through the following steps, repeating each step several times if the stain seems to be disappearing.

Metal Lockers

For metal lockers and lockers with metal bodies, it is essential to lubricate the hinges and locks on occasion. This will mostly rely on the location of the lockers and how often their owners use them. If they are used frequently, it is wise to routinely inspect the hinges and locks, which should be greased or repaired as necessary.


Cleaning lockers may be difficult, especially when dealing with stains and smudges that won’t go away. However, by the instructions provided you can successfully get rid of those undesirable markings and keep your lockers clean and sanitary. To keep your Locker looking good for a long time, keep in mind to use the appropriate cleaning solutions, be patient with difficult stains, and take preventative actions. With these suggestions, you can make your locker maintain a neat environment that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Riverside Lockers

Exeter School Lockers Projects

Helmsman Exeter projects

Throughout this project, we worked alongside the side with Ted Wragg Multi-Academy Trust schools and Pinnacle FM Ltd. This project was one of the biggest projects for Helmsman school lockers, as we manufactured and installed 804 four-compartment Laminate Metal Lockers in 4 different schools in Exeter. The schools were St. Peters, St. James, St. Luke’s, and Isca Academy. The overall project value was £165K.

Our design and CAD drawing team developed the lockers throughout the duration of the projects. Drawings contained what the lockers would look like, and the locations inside the schools for where the four-compartment school lockers will be distributed.

Laminate Metal Lockers

Laminate Metal lockers are an excellent choice for school lockers as they’re modern and popular and will hold up better to scratches, marks, and blemishes over the long term. The body of the lockers was metal powder coated in our standard colour of ‘Ice’. Whereas the laminate doors were coated in different shades of colours which each school has requested.


The specifications of all the lockers were 1775mm high, 300mm wide, and 450mm deep. The schools requested for the lockers to be manufactured with sloping tops. Sloping tops are an ideal and popular option as they prevent the accumulation of dust as well as using the top of the lockers as a storage which can create a safety hazard if any items fall off.


Here at Helmsman, we offer our clients a variety of accessories such as locks and different locker numbering. However, between the schools, the lockers were all finished with oval number plates above the Camlocks. Camlock is a great choice for school lockers as students are guaranteed that their belongings are safe.

If you want any information on school lockers, call us today at 01284 530421.

carbon neutral

Why should you invest in carbon-neutral lockers?

Here at Helmsman, we are passionate about manufacturing our clients with bespoke carbon-neutral laminate lockers. We provide our clients with the best quality products by building strong partnerships with our suppliers that have the thought of the environment in mind. Due to the environmental issues and global events, we would like to agree that it has made us aware of our decision and increased our protection of the environment.

We have a new partnership with Abet Laminate. Abet Laminate has the thought of environment in mind with the laminate products they provide for clients. As the laminate consists of 70% cellulose and 30% thermosetting resins which can state that the material isn’t classified as a dangerous material for the environment.

We additionally have a partnership with BioCarbon Laminates, which provides sustainable laminate solutions including carbon-neutral laminates. The products are produced in a carbon-neutral manufacturing facility that monitors, controls, and balances carbon emissions reducing them to zero.

Investing in carbon-neutral laminates is a way to reduce carbon emissions which takes part in harming the environment. By investing in purchasing carbon-neutral laminates, it is a way to help the environment such as letting trees absorb carbon.

At Helmsman we provide materials such as Solid Grade Laminate, Glass, Timber, and Metal, which can be recyclable. The material we use to make our products has a long-lasting shelf life which is beneficial for the earth.

We want to make a difference and protect the environment by providing carbon-neutral and other materials that is recyclable for our lockers. To find out more about bespoke lockers that are carbon neutral contact us or call us 01284 530421.