50 years on and still going strong!

Helmsman Originals

Sometimes you just get blindsided by customers and in a good way. You just have to take a step back and say wow. We were recently contacted by a nice lady in Shropshire asking about getting replacement keys for a couple of lockers.

Standard practice on this type of enquiry is getting a few photos so we can identify the type of locking system used. Imagine our surprise – and delight – in opening up the pictures revealing these little beauties still going strong 50 years later.

Everything from the old logo to the fabrication to the patina tells a remarkable story. Intrigued, we went back to the customer and asked more. She bought them from a seller in Powys and we believe they’ve had three owners over the years. The previous owner stored them in a potting shed and had in turn purchased them from a farmer for storing his gun cleaning kits.

The recent addition of some castors has turned them into little storage stools for a warehouse and we think they’re set for another 50 years!

If you have great pictures and a story to share about your Helmsman lockers, feel free to email us at hello@helmsman.co.uk