Christmas Holiday Office Closure

Our office in Bury St Edmunds will be closed from Thursday the 24th of December 2020 and will re-open on Monday the 4th of January 2021. Please remember your emails will be answered upon our return.

From all of us at Helmsman Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We wish you a much better 2021!

Christmas Jumper day at Helmsman

Looking for a new powder coating paint booth

Helmsman Lockers and Cubicles are looking to upgrade 20-year-old paint booths. 

We are looking for a reliable supplier to take this opportunity and send us the best quote for a powder coating paint booth technology. We are interested to see all the necessary information about the product, inclusive benefits and quality images of the product.

All interested suppliers must be from the UK or EU and able to deliver and install the new technology here at Helmsman in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Each candidate will be assessed against the Helmsman evaluation sheet, which includes the best value for money, short lead time and inclusive benefits package.

To apply, please send us a quote to with a subject line: New powder coating paint booth application. Deadline for all applications is Monday 28th of December 2020, 5 pm.

For more information, please feel free to call us on 01284 727626.

Z type lockers

Z Lockers

Helmsman Z locker has a unique shape to adapt to small spaces and because of its design, the two compartments can store more items than expected for multiple users. Here at Helmsman our Z lockers are available in a range of sizes, colours and locking systems. High-quality double coat hooks and a coat rail are fitted in the locker. Z Lockers can give your space storage with style. All of our lockers are manufactured in Suffolk, UK.

Check out our specifications below:

Helmsman Z lockers specifications

We are able to manufacture bespoke Z Lockers on your personal specifications. Just let us know what you would like by calling us on 01284 727626 or getting in touch by email

Installation of metal lockers

How To Install Metal Lockers The Right Way

Installing lockers may be easy for Helmsman professionals, but can be a tricky job for anyone doing it for the first time. This is why we want to provide you with the essential tips on how to install metal lockers safely.

There are some things that you should consider before starting the installation. Firstly the size of the room, ceiling height, fixtures, fittings and location, as this will affect the positioning and layout of your lockers. Measurements of the area need to be specific and you have to allow approximately 4mm extra at the sides of each locker. Allow corridor widths of approximately 1000mm minimum especially in schools and consider the space for when opening doors.

You also need to consider the position of any windows or doors. Make sure your lockers will not block access to any windows or doors which still need to be opened. Take note of things like skirting boards, radiators, heating pipes, light switches, and sockets etc.

Make sure you install on a strong, level and even surface, are the floors level? If there is a slope to the floor, you will need to position them on locker stands with adjustable feet, stands can be ordered along side your lockers. Check the suitability of the wall before fitting, is the area suitable to be drilled into? If that is a ‘yes’ you are ready to go.

Installation of metal lockers

Let’s install your lockers

For your locker installation you will need a spirit level, spanner, drill and handling equipment. Fixings, nesting nuts and bolts will be provided. Ideally two people are required to do an installation especially if the lockers are front heavy such as glass or laminate lockers. Suitable PPE may be required for safety reasons. When and if offloading the lockers, do it front faced as they are heavy and could tip over and get damaged.

Most lockers are tall and thin, depending on your requirements and specifications but they could be unstable if they are not fixed to the wall or each other. A single run of lockers must be secured to a suitable anchor point with a suitable bracing mechanism. Lockers on stands or seat/stands should be fixed down to the stand or seat/stand as well as side to side and back to a wall or run of lockers. It is really important that lockers placed back to back are bolted together securely, because the lockers industry have had fatalities in the past.

Upkeep of your lockers

Cleaning lockers is easy; simply use a duster or soft cloth. It is recommended that all locks and hinges are regularly maintained with a suitable lubricant. If any doors or locks become damaged, we recommend replacing these as soon as possible so security is not compromised. Helmsman offer replacement doors and parts.

Please note this only applies to metal and heavy duty lockers. For further guidance or to find out more please call us on 01284 727626 or email


Joe Le Maire fight

Good luck Joe Le Maire in your next fight!!!

We would like to wish our ex employee Joe Le Maire the very best of luck in his upcoming fight on Saturday night.  Joe has stepped in at short notice as one of the original fighters pulled out. He was only recently offered to take the fight but luckily enough has maintained his fitness over the past few weeks.

Joe Le Maire in actionOn Saturday night Joe is fighting in the Roar combat league 16 which is the largest fighters league in the UK.

He has seen his opponent fight a few times before and agrees he is a good fighter.  Joe is competing to keep his UK number 2 ranking In the Bantamweight division.  He needs to meet the 52.5kg weight agreed.



Luckily for Joe he has already won several national titles as a junior.  He has 2 silver medals in Muay Thai world championships as a junior also. To date he has had 26 professional fights winning 14 and losing just 12.

We are proud to sponsor Joe in his training at Unit 1 Gym and wish him well in his next fight.  From our experience of working with him he is extremely reliable and has a positive attitude to work.  These characteristics work well when it comes to both selling lockers  and taking on your component in the ring.

Photo credits by “Jaron Sharples Images”


Half marathon success for our colleague

Congratulations Margaret on completing Half Marathon.

Our colleague Margaret had half marathon success yesterday.  She has now four under her belt and raised money for many charities.  Margaret is pictured with her team mates before the run in the Foyle Arena.  Nice to see our lockers in the background which were fitted by our team a few years ago.  Congratulations to her and all the runners contributing to RNIB.  For more information on the race visit


new look website launch

Helmsman New Look Website Launch

Welcome to Helmsman new look website launch. We are delighted to offer your this new design which offers easy navigation menus.  With this comes improved functionality that directs you to the information most relevant to you. It is also fully responsive with mobile devices.  This makes it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and portable devices.

Going forward, we will communicate with you regularly through our Company News Blog , LinkedIn and Facebook .


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