6 reasons to choose Helmsman Lockers

6 Reasons to choose Helmsman Lockers and Cubicles

6 Reasons to choose Helmsman Lockers and Cubicles

Helmsman Lockers & Cubicles is a family run business

With a strong commitment and an extensive history in the industry, Helmsman Lockers and Cubicles has all the benefits of a family-run business, whilst still being one of the UK’s top manufacturers and installers. The company has been built on strong family values and good relationships, with a team of long-serving employees, suppliers we have worked with for years and repeat customers returning with new projects. We believe in the power of teamwork, harnessing and playing to each member’s strengths resulting in a business whose value and effectiveness is greater than the sum of its parts.


We’re the whole package

Not only do Helmsman supply a huge range of products, including lockers, cubicles, bench seating, IPS and vanity units, we also are the UK’s only turnkey manufacturer. With our fantastic team, we can support you from design, manufacture and installation all the way through to our after-sales support. We really do offer the complete package for your project.


Bespoke Lockers and Cubicles projects

Because we are the only company in the UK to offer the full package, Helmsman offers not only off-the-shelf products but can also create bespoke solutions for your project. Whether this be aluminum, steel, glass or solid grade laminate. We offer a range of colours and styles, as well as options and accessories such as heated lockers, charging lockers, and different locking systems, plus we can provide solutions for awkward corners, uneven floors or even curved walls.


Helmsman lockers come with a warranty – but they’ve been known to last over 50 years!

Our products come with a warranty, and a lifetime of support and after-sales service, (more on that later!) However, we were once contacted by a lovely lady from Shropshire about some replacement keys for her lockers. As standard practice we requested some photos of the item to identify the lock and received a selection of photos of lockers from 50 years ago, even with the old Helmsman logo still intact. With a product lasting that long, this is another great reason to choose Helmsman for your project.

Helmsman original logo


After Sales Service

From minor repairs to complete refurbishment, Helmsman can provide you with the necessary service, maintenance and after-service facilities. We offer a complete range of after-sales care and service, ranging from a regular maintenance contract to ad hoc repairs. We also stock a comprehensive range of replacement parts available for immediate delivery, maximizing the life of our products.


Experience and knowledge of lockers and cubicles with a history spanning 230 years

The Helmsman brand and company originates from Bristol Docks around 1790 when it was a manufacturer of wooden parts for ships. By 1875 it was located in the West India Dock in London making galvanized iron tanks and cisterns for bulk liquid storage. The factory later relocated to Walthamstow, and then suffered a direct hit from a V2 rocket in 1944, killing the chairman and several employees. In the 1960s the company was manufacturing bulk tanker lorry bodies for transporting items such as grain or flour.

During the early 1970s the company moved to its current home in Bury St Edmunds, manufacturing lockers for the school, industry and leisure markets. Over 40 years later, Helmsman are the UK’s leading manufacturers and installers of a complete range of lockers and cubicles, with the original wooden sailor figure standing in our entrance.

Helmsman history

Need any more convincing? Contact us today or fill in our quote form here.

Looking for

Looking for a new punch press

Helmsman Lockers and Cubicles are looking to acquire a new punch press. 

We are looking for a reliable supplier to take this opportunity and send us the best quote for a new punch press. We are interested to see all the necessary information about the product, inclusive benefits and quality images of the product.

All interested suppliers must be from the UK or EU and able to deliver and install the new technology here at Helmsman in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Each candidate will be assessed against the Helmsman evaluation sheet, which includes the best value for money, short lead time and inclusive benefits package.

To apply, please send us a quote to enquiries@helmsman.co.uk with the subject line: New punch press application. The deadline for all applications is Monday 9th May at 5pm.

For more information, please feel free to call us on 01284 727626.

Partnering with BioCarbon Laminates

Partnering with BioCarbon Laminates to Provide Sustainable Laminate Solutions

Laminate School Lockers

Helmsman is always working hard to build strong partnerships with suppliers to provide you with the best quality products for washroom and cubicle environments. With a greater emphasis to make more sustainable choices through material selection, it is our responsibility to support you on this journey to achieve sustainably-minded solutions.

Carbon Neutral Laminates

Therefore, we are pleased to include a carbon-neutral laminate range in our great list of partners. The BioCarbon Laminates includes three products as part of its portfolio; Liscio, High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) – all of which include built-in hygiene protection as standard.

The Liscio range is created using smart technology, repairing any minor superficial scratches, available in contemporary decors to suit the sleek matt finish.

HPL is suitable for high strength horizontal and vertical applications where resistance to impact and abrasions is required.

SGL is the best choice for high-traffic areas with heavy-duty use. Its stain-resistant properties and ability to withstand impact make this laminate the perfect choice for both horizontal and vertical applications as well as benefitting from being FR as standard.

BioCarbon Laminates has received third party recognition of environmental performance through a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from cradle to grave. The environmental impact and complete life cycle of the entire product portfolio is publicly available to view.

Carbon Neutral Cradle-to-Gate

BioCarbon Laminates calculate the carbon emissions and take the responsibility to manage carbon by controlling, monitoring and balancing carbon emitted development practices, reducing them to zero. This is done by:

  • Engaging in carbon-offsetting by using renewables, including hydroelectric power
  • Exchanging VOC-emitting resin for a water-based alternative
  • Countering CO2 emissions with a reforestation tree-planting programme
  • Working with distribution partners who offset emissions generated whilst handling the material to achieve carbon neutral deliveries

Meeting Standards

The range conforms to CE mark health, safety, and environmental protection standards for construction products sold within the European Area. Completely ethical, the laminates use sustainable raw materials and are available as FSC® certified materials as standard.

The aspiration to protect the environment and the end-user fully matches Helmsman’s core values which makes this partnership go hand in hand and ensures that we can fully support you to continue the sustainability journey.

A Sustainable Locker and Cubicle Solution

The carbon-neutral solid grade laminates can be used for our laminates, leisure, Z, school lockers and of course, our bespoke lockers too. As well as the different cubicle ranges, benches, IPS, and vanity units.

For more information, check out the colours brochure below or contact us on 01284 727626 or enquiries@helmsman.co.uk.

School and staff lockers covid secure

How to ensure your school and staff lockers are covid secure?

School and staff lockers covid secure

We all thought 2021 would be the year where things will be ‘normal’ again, however, as we are going into 2022, this is not the case. Coronavirus is still a major scare, and we all want to stay protected. Many schools, offices and workplaces have changed the way they run and take extra precautions to protect students and staff across the board.

One simple way to promote good hygiene in the school and office environments is by reducing the number of items that enter the small rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms from outside environments. Even after we move on from the pandemic, responsible hygiene practices will remain a key focus for schools, offices and the wider community.

Student lockers

Many parents are concerned about the number of things their children will have to carry around the school, especially if they have expensive smartphones, tablets or laptops. Therefore, more and more parents want their children to have a locker.

If students are staggered and there is a timetable when students can use their lockers during different periods of the day, school lockers are not only a great storage solution, but they eliminate the risk of students carrying too many items during the day. Going from one classroom to another carrying all their belongings, then they are at higher risk of picking up germs, from surfaces and transporting it around wherever they go around the school and taking it back home too.

The virus can survive and live on various surfaces for up to 72 hours. Our Essential Metal Lockers are extremely simple to maintain and keep clean with their practical design and slim structure. They don’t take up too much space, so they can fit into a narrow hallway without feeling too cramped or causing too much overcrowding. They can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth each day to get rid of any lingering germs too. Each locker can be safely locked with a key or its locker padlock, for extra security.

Our laminate lockers are also ideal for schools, as anti-bacterial laminate can be supplied for better protection against germs. These lockers are durable and reliable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Staff lockers

Teachers and other members of staff are now returning to work, and they need to feel safe and secure in their workplace. Many teachers require a lot of supplies during their teaching day, which may be hard to keep out of the reach of young children. This again is another risk for the transmission of the virus and germs spreading around the classroom unnecessarily. Providing staff lockers gives employees a space to store high valued belongings such as laptops that they may not want to travel with back and forth every day.

Leaving such items securely in their lockers, sealed with their locker padlock or an individual key gives them peace of mind. It also means that they are carrying less on their commute home, and this is crucial in these present times, especially if their main form of transportation is on public buses or trains. The less they are carrying, the less chance of their belongings being touched by strangers and any germs being spread around further.

For more information about what we can offer you and how we can ensure your lockers are covid secure email us at enquiries@helmsman.co.uk or give us a call on 01284 727626.

What is BREEAM? - Helmsman

What is BREEAM?

What is BREEAM? - Helmsman

What is BREEAM & how does it help sustainability?

BREEAM stands for the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. It is the worlds longest approved method of assessing, rating and certifying the sustainability of a building. The goal is to minimise the negative impact that building projects can have on the environment.

BREEAM has a credit system, which is ranked by different sustainability requirements. If the requirements are fulfilled by architects, builders, and developers, then they will be awarded the credits depending on how they respond to the criteria. BREEAM credits should be considered at the design stage of the project as sustainability should be the driving force of any construction project.

How can Helmsman help with these requirements?

Helmsman uses sustainable, long-lasting, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials to manufacture lockers and cubicles. We are always trying to improve and help the environment locally and globally. More and more, we have builders and architects requesting lockers and cubicles that will help them gain the BREEAM credits.

BREEAM has cycling facility guidelines, which we have applied to our lockers and cubicle ranges in size, convenience and material. Our folding bike lockers allow people to have an option to cycle and store all cycling gear. In big cities, traffic and high pollution are major pain points. Having an option of a bike locker in a public building or an office relieves this pain point. Cyclists can relax knowing that their bikes and personal items such as helmets and bags are safe and secure when are using a locker for storage.

We also manufacture heated lockers that allow you to dry damp clothes and towels. These include a heated tube at the bottom of the heated locker. Perforations inside of the locker allow hot air to circulate and evenly and quickly dry these items.

Another key guideline for us is the changing room facilities for cyclists. We manufacture showers, toilets and changing cubicles. We have a Glass Cubicle range, Leisure, Inline and High Line ranges. The materials we use are recyclable and follow an approved FSC supply chain which ensures that the forest environment is protected globally.

At least two of the facility guidelines must be provided for the users to achieve the available BREEAM credits. We can supply all these options and more, having sustainable and recyclable products.

For more information on how we can help you with your BREEAM projects, please contact us today!

Multipurpose metal lockers

What’s the best locker for multipurpose use?

Multipurpose metal lockers

The locker industry has come a long way, but it all began in ancient Greece approximately 2500 years ago. Back in those days, changing room and the locker room was an essential part of competition and training centres for athletes. Even then lockers had a multipurpose and multi-user functionality. We all know that a locker is a unit, usually with narrow storage compartments available in changing rooms, locker rooms or dressing rooms. Some facilities may have a locker room attendant who can look after your belongings until you come back to take them. Since the conceptualisation of lockers, they have always been used to store valuable personal items.

Today’s lockers can be found in many different locations, not just changing rooms or specific locker rooms. They can also be in shopping malls, hospitals, and offices. Lockers can have many purposes, storage still being the main function but with additional purposes of charging sockets for smart devices, drying clothing, and distributing items such as uniforms.

Helmsman has been manufacturing lockers for over 40 years. We define ourselves as are bespoke manufacture of lockers and cubicles. Even the standard metal lockers can be modified to specific and bespoke sizes to fit any environment and project.

Multipurpose Metal Lockers

Our Essential Metal Lockers are the lockers that can do the job in any environment or location. These multipurpose lockers are suitable for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and workplaces. We offer a safe and secure storage solution for personal possessions, tools, books, gym bags and other valuables.

Helmsman essential range can use different locking systems for multipurpose use. For example, the KL1000 locking system is one of the most innovative ideas to surface in access control for a while. This allows the lock to operate with a single-use code. The guest enters a personal four-digit code twice to confirm the correct entry. Anyone could use these lockers, staff, or customers.

For more information about our Essential Metal Lockers range contact us today.

Helmsman Care for Sustainability

Helmsman Care for Sustainability

Helmsman Care for Sustainability

How are we helping?

Climate change has always been a concern, more so recently. Here at Helmsman, we agree that the recent global events have made us conscious about our decisions to protect the environment. We’re passionate about manufacturing bespoke, high-quality lockers and cubicles that are innovative, modern, and sustainable too.

Helmsman promotes the sustainable manufacture of lockers and cubicles through our chain of suppliers. We aim to work with companies that care as much as we do to ensure projects have as little of a negative impact as possible. Therefore, we try to use sustainable and recyclable materials whenever we can.

The material we use, such as Solid Grade Laminate, Glass, Timber and Metal, can be 100% recyclable. The type of material we use to make our products have a long-lasting shelf life. This is reflected by our endorsement from the Forest Stewardship Council®.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) are an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Recognised as the ‘hallmark of responsible forest management, FSC® are committed to protecting and maintaining natural communities and high conservation value forests whilst respecting the rights of workers, communities, and indigenous people.

As an FSC certified company, we share this commitment and can uphold the chain of custody for our responsibly sourced laminates to you and your projects. We want to protect the environment and make a difference. To find out more contact us. We’re available via email at enquiries@helmsman.co.uk, or alternatively, give us a call at 01284 727626.

FSC® Licence code: FSC-C166047

FSC trademark
New cubicles range

Introducing The New High Line Cubicle Range

New cubicles range

Helmsman has a new product for your washroom solutions; the new cubicle range has security and privacy in mind. This full-height design has low floor clearance for privacy and solid partitions and panels for reliability. High Line cubicles are manufactured from solid grade laminate and aluminium headrail, brackets and fixings. The maximum height from floor to ceiling is 2300mm.

  • Complete privacy
  • Suitable for wet and dry areas
  • Minimalistic style
  • Floor to ceiling
  • Front flushed and linear finish
  • Floating appearance
  • Variety of Helmsman laminate colours available
  • DDA compliant

The new cubicle range has ceiling and floor clearance at 20mm each way. All exposed edges are smoothed and radiused. The floor must be flat and parallel to the ceiling as there is a limited adjustment in feet.

The door locking system is a standard latch with a circular faceplate and emergency release facility. Door mounted latches are also available as an option. An incorporated anti-finger trap and anti-lift design put another layer of security to these new cubicles.

Solid grade laminate is highly resistant to impact, and all surfaces are impervious to water. It makes our cubicles high standard and quality and this is why we use it.

For more information, check out the specification sheet and technical drawing below. High Line cubicle page is coming soon!

If you would like to get a quote, enquire now!

Technical Support for Lockers and Cubicles

Technical Support & Information from Helmsman

Z Lockers with Ojmar OCS Pro Locks

Helmsman is always trying to improve and adapt by providing clients with the knowledge and easily accessible technical support and information about lockers, cubicles, benches, IPS duct panels and vanity units offerings. We offer locker servicing and can change locker doors, replace locker and keys and even relocate your lockers if necessary. All this information is now available for you in the brochure, and if you need further help, we have a direct email for our service department: service@helmsman.co.uk

We have created a ‘Downloads’ page specifically to accommodate our client needs for information. There are no hidden agendas, no sign-up barriers, just Helmsman technical support and information about lockers and cubicles as it is easily downloadable with one click. This page contains specifications, brochures, drawings and more for clients to view and download. 

A lot of our lockers and cubicles are bespoke and made to customers requirements and specifications. We might not have specific information for every project that we do available online. However, we are always happy to site survey the area, design bespoke lockers and cubicles to fit site requirements. 

If there is still something that you are not sure about, we are happy to answer all your questions over the phone or by email. Please, contact us on 01284 727600 or email us at hello@helmsman.co.uk

Helmsman Leisure Range

Everything You Need To Know About Helmsman Leisure Range

Helmsman Leisure Range

Helmsman leisure range consists of leisure lockers and cubicles. They go hand in hand as they are specifically designed to withstand high moisture and humidity whilst complimenting each other. Both are manufactured from high-quality solid grade laminate, which means they are durable and risk-free of peeling and cracking. Helmsman can provide a complete leisure project package including vanity units, IPS duct panels and benching.

Leisure Lockers

Leisure lockers are manufactured with extruded doorframes and continuous door hinges. The curved single-piece body of the locker is easy to clean and therefore hygienic, with no sharp edges or dirt traps. These lockers are designed to last and withstand heavy usage whilst providing premium quality and security for users.

Leisure Cubicles

Helmsman leisure cubicles are freestanding, fully framed and tamperproof, with no exposed mechanical fixings. This design is aesthetically pleasing and completely secure with the anti-finger trap system and a ‘pivoting foot’ used to accommodate uneven ground levels. Leisure cubicles are suitable for the shower, toilets and changing areas and are hard wearing and ideal to withstand high traffic.


Helmsman can manufacture to bespoke specifications, so awkward spaces can be filled. Both the leisure lockers and cubicles are available with unique design features compliant with the requirements of the latest DDA and building regulations.

Our leisure lockers and cubicles are commonly used to compliment bench seating, IPS duct panels and vanity units that can also be supplied and installed by Helmsman to give a consistent and uniform look across the whole area. We provide a complete package; this enables straight forward point of contact for busy contractors and project managers.

We have a wide range of colours to choose from, working closely with Abet Laminati and Biocarbon Laminates to provide customers with a high-quality laminate that is aesthetically pleasing. Customers are welcome to mix and match laminate colours to create a dynamic appeal. The laminate we use is fire tested and is completely safe and protected. For more information go to our downloads page, where you can download the latest datasheets and brochures.

To find out more check out leisure lockers and leisure cubicles product pages.