Helmsman Care for Sustainability

Helmsman Care for Sustainability

Helmsman Care for Sustainability

How are we helping?

Climate change has always been a concern, more so recently. Here at Helmsman, we agree that the recent global events have made us conscious about our decisions to protect the environment. We’re passionate about manufacturing bespoke, high-quality lockers and cubicles that are innovative, modern, and sustainable too.

Helmsman promotes the sustainable manufacture of lockers and cubicles through our chain of suppliers. We aim to work with companies that care as much as we do to ensure projects have as little of a negative impact as possible. Therefore, we try to use sustainable and recyclable materials whenever we can.

The material we use, such as Solid Grade Laminate, Glass, Timber and Metal, can be 100% recyclable. The type of material we use to make our products have a long-lasting shelf life. This is reflected by our endorsement from the Forest Stewardship Council®.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) are an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Recognised as the ‘hallmark of responsible forest management, FSC® are committed to protecting and maintaining natural communities and high conservation value forests whilst respecting the rights of workers, communities, and indigenous people.

As an FSC certified company, we share this commitment and can uphold the chain of custody for our responsibly sourced laminates to you and your projects. We want to protect the environment and make a difference. To find out more contact us. We’re available via email at enquiries@helmsman.co.uk, or alternatively, give us a call at 01284 727626.

FSC® Licence code: FSC-C166047

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New cubicles range

Introducing The New High Line Cubicle Range

New cubicles range

Helmsman has a new product for your washroom solutions; the new cubicle range has security and privacy in mind. This full-height design has low floor clearance for privacy and solid partitions and panels for reliability. High Line cubicles are manufactured from solid grade laminate and aluminium headrail, brackets and fixings. The maximum height from floor to ceiling is 2300mm.

  • Complete privacy
  • Suitable for wet and dry areas
  • Minimalistic style
  • Floor to ceiling
  • Front flushed and linear finish
  • Floating appearance
  • Variety of Helmsman laminate colours available
  • DDA compliant

The new cubicle range has ceiling and floor clearance at 20mm each way. All exposed edges are smoothed and radiused. The floor must be flat and parallel to the ceiling as there is a limited adjustment in feet.

The door locking system is a standard latch with a circular faceplate and emergency release facility. Door mounted latches are also available as an option. An incorporated anti-finger trap and anti-lift design put another layer of security to these new cubicles.

Solid grade laminate is highly resistant to impact, and all surfaces are impervious to water. It makes our cubicles high standard and quality and this is why we use it.

For more information, check out the specification sheet and technical drawing below. High Line cubicle page is coming soon!

If you would like to get a quote, enquire now!

Technical Support for Lockers and Cubicles

Technical Support & Information from Helmsman

Z Lockers with Ojmar OCS Pro Locks

Helmsman is always trying to improve and adapt by providing clients with the knowledge and easily accessible technical support and information about lockers, cubicles, benches, IPS duct panels and vanity units offerings. We offer locker servicing and can change locker doors, replace locker and keys and even relocate your lockers if necessary. All this information is now available for you in the brochure, and if you need further help, we have a direct email for our service department: service@helmsman.co.uk

We have created a ‘Downloads’ page specifically to accommodate our client needs for information. There are no hidden agendas, no sign-up barriers, just Helmsman technical support and information about lockers and cubicles as it is easily downloadable with one click. This page contains specifications, brochures, drawings and more for clients to view and download. 

A lot of our lockers and cubicles are bespoke and made to customers requirements and specifications. We might not have specific information for every project that we do available online. However, we are always happy to site survey the area, design bespoke lockers and cubicles to fit site requirements. 

If there is still something that you are not sure about, we are happy to answer all your questions over the phone or by email. Please, contact us on 01284 727600 or email us at hello@helmsman.co.uk

Helmsman Leisure Range

Everything You Need To Know About Helmsman Leisure Range

Helmsman Leisure Range

Helmsman leisure range consists of leisure lockers and cubicles. They go hand in hand as they are specifically designed to withstand high moisture and humidity whilst complimenting each other. Both are manufactured from high-quality solid grade laminate, which means they are durable and risk-free of peeling and cracking. Helmsman can provide a complete leisure project package including vanity units, IPS duct panels and benching.

Leisure Lockers

Leisure lockers are manufactured with extruded doorframes and continuous door hinges. The curved single-piece body of the locker is easy to clean and therefore hygienic, with no sharp edges or dirt traps. These lockers are designed to last and withstand heavy usage whilst providing premium quality and security for users.

Leisure Cubicles

Helmsman leisure cubicles are freestanding, fully framed and tamperproof, with no exposed mechanical fixings. This design is aesthetically pleasing and completely secure with the anti-finger trap system and a ‘pivoting foot’ used to accommodate uneven ground levels. Leisure cubicles are suitable for the shower, toilets and changing areas and are hard wearing and ideal to withstand high traffic.


Helmsman can manufacture to bespoke specifications, so awkward spaces can be filled. Both the leisure lockers and cubicles are available with unique design features compliant with the requirements of the latest DDA and building regulations.

Our leisure lockers and cubicles are commonly used to compliment bench seating, IPS duct panels and vanity units that can also be supplied and installed by Helmsman to give a consistent and uniform look across the whole area. We provide a complete package; this enables straight forward point of contact for busy contractors and project managers.

We have a wide range of colours to choose from, working closely with Abet Laminati and Biocarbon Laminates to provide customers with a high-quality laminate that is aesthetically pleasing. Customers are welcome to mix and match laminate colours to create a dynamic appeal. The laminate we use is fire tested and is completely safe and protected. For more information go to our downloads page, where you can download the latest datasheets and brochures.

To find out more check out leisure lockers and leisure cubicles product pages.

Advancing with Barbour Product Search

Helmsman advancing with Barbour Product Search

Helmsman is the leading manufacturer of a complete range of lockers, cubicles, bench seating, panelling and vanity units. It offers design, supply, installation and after-sales services. This covers all projects from simple units to bespoke solutions to help realise more complicated schemes.

Advancing with Barbour product search

Why Barbour Product Search?

Helmsman decided to try advancing with Barbour Product Search and feature on its product search platform to promote and introduce Helmsman products to the right customers. As a manufacturer, Helmsman can create almost any specification and requirements. Helmsman has a classic range of products to standard specifications offers customers a variety of choices and insight into what Helmsman do.

Helmsman revamped its website and literature to showcase lockers and cubicles from different materials in an innovative spotlight. Barbour Product Search provided Helmsman with an exciting solution for promoting these products and services. Working together has improved growth and interest from new customers.

Barbour Product Search supports manufacturers in getting their products noticed by the growing digital construction audience. Industry-specific newsletters and social media communication allow manufacturers to showcase exciting products and case studies to specific specifiers. The platform wouldn’t be the same without the professionals working directly with the manufacturers every step of the way to improve the profiles and offering help and high-quality services. Check out the Helmsman Barbour Product Search profile here.

Refurbishing lockers and cubicles

Prime Time for Refurbishment

Refurbishing lockers and cubicles

Summer months can be the perfect opportunity to schedule projects to upgrade and refurbish changing areas and locker rooms in schools and sports facilities. Security and durability are highly important when refurbishing your lockers and cubicles. We can replace locks, keys, locker doors and cubicle locks. We can even add more security to your changing room cubicles with anti-peep rails and anti-finger trap solutions. Helmsman can provide you with a few cost-effective options.

School Sector

School lockers see a lot of action. Vandalism issues aside, school lockers need to withstand daily use. Metal lockers have been a favourite of schools; however, we have noticed a new trend from schools using laminate lockers. Laminate lockers are aesthetically pleasing, more so incredibly durable.

Many schools are still favouring cam locks and swivel locks as a locking system. These locking systems are child’s play to our service department as they are easily interchangeable. Helmsman can offer swivel locks and padlocks as a pair for your school lockers. Locker keys and master keys are easily replaceable. We manufacture keys in-house.

Helmsman can provide metal and laminate colour samples for large projects if doors need to be replaced because of damage or wear and tear. Changing locker doors is a hassle-free job, and depending on the number of lockers, our installation and service team can have it in place in no time. Summer holidays are the perfect time to renew and replace lockers and cubicles. During this time, schools are empty, and maintenance work can proceed efficiently.

Leisure Sector

Leisure facilities, gyms and spa health centres are oozing luxury as they mostly use digital locks for smart-looking lockers. We can replace digital locks or can replace doors and upgrade your lockers with digital locks. The advantages of having leisure lockers with digital locks are endless. Security and convenience is a top priority for the customer.

Helmsman can easily replace your old wrist straps if you still choose to use the reliable key and strap. Master key or locker key replacements are easily achievable and will be with you in no time by post. Other replacement and refurbishment services, including cubicles, can be assessed by a site survey and replaced by our installation and maintenance team.

We offer free consultation about the services you may require and help you decide what is best for your site. Helmsman specialists would be happy to do a site survey for large projects before refurbishing your lockers and cubicles. Our service goes beyond the leisure and school industries. We can refurbish offices and other commercial sites.

For more information, please contact service@helmsman.co.uk

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Staycation at Holiday Park - Lockers and Cubicles

Staycation Season

Staycation Season

Are you ready for the Staycation Season?

Are your lockers and cubicles ready for the staycation season this summer? Many holiday parks and camping sites will be booked up this year.

As much as we all want that Mediterranean sun, we are still choosing to stay closer to home. Many are choosing to enjoy the summer season of staycations. We have some of the best hiking, coastal spots and outdoor activities right here in the UK.

Holiday parks and camping sites have been refurbished and updated due to the increased number of customers. Many holiday parks have chosen to renew or refurbish their washrooms and changing room facilities such as lockers, cubicles and benches. We are able to create a stylish and contemporary environment. Check out our recent case study on Bunn Leisure lockers refurbishment.

Contact us on 01284 727626 or email us at hello@helmsman.co.uk for a quote and free site survey.

Laminate Heated Two Compartment Lockers

Heated Lockers are ready – choose to cycle to work

Laminate Heated Two Compartment Lockers

British weather is always unpredictable, but cycling to work has never been easier. Many employers offer ‘green’ travel plans and other incentives to cycle to work; it is healthy and protects the environment. However, one of the most important things is having suitable facilities. Instead of having wet clothing or towels in the office, employees can now dry them quickly and easily. We have heated lockers ready, so choose to cycle to work!

Offering the whole package, Helmsman can supply your workplace with shower cubicles, changing room cubicles and heated lockers to dry your damp cycling clothes and wet towels. Helmsman provides heated lockers to many different environments, banks, offices, universities, colleges, ferry terminals, energy companies, oil rigs, ships, farms, tree surgeons, forestry commission, hospitals and much more. Heated lockers are much more than just a drying solution. Helmsman lockers are secure, durable and aesthetically-pleasing, creating a pleasant environment.


Helmsman heated lockers utilise an energy-efficient tube heater as their source of heat. The tube heaters are rated at 60w per 300mm long heater and can be combined with timers and controllers to maximise efficiency. If you need a faster drying time, we can double up the tube heaters to provide more power. All heated lockers are on skirted stands with a single flex for connecting to the mains supply. The minimum number of lockers on a skirted locker stand is two, and the maximum is six. The lockers can be a single or up to two compartments per locker. Our standard locker size is 1775mm high x 300mm wide x 450mm deep. However, we offer bespoke options. Get in touch to view our metal and laminate colour ranges.

Locking Options

We provide the lockers with either a key lock or a swivel hasp lock to take a padlock as standard. Other locking options include coin return or collect locks, mechanical combination, electronic combination locks or RFID as a selection.

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After one week of installation

New Gema Automatic Powder Coating System

Gema is a company with a long history. Founded in Switzerland in 1897 began life as a high-end metal fabrication business and later specialised in metal ceilings. Gema engineers started experimenting with a revolutionary new technology utilising electrostatics and powder paint; this led to the production of the very first powder application gun. The technology was so fascinating and efficient that they started developing and commercialising powder coating guns. Gema electrostatic division was born! Gema became a stand-alone company in 1982 with the separation of the electrostatic division from the original Gema fabrication business. In 2012 Gema became a part of Graco, an internationally leading supplier of fluid and coatings management solutions in both industrial and domestic applications.

Helmsman decided to update a vital part of the machinery, the paint booth. The old powder paint booth served Helmsman for around 15 years. It was time to upgrade to intelligent, faster and more sustainable technology for metallic powders. Gema supplied the initial floor plan of the new automatic powder coating system. Throughout numerous visits, Gema adjusted the drawings to suit Helmsman factory floor layout and size.

Everything has been smooth sailing. Gema pushed to install within around 14 days as agreed. Thanks to Gema engineers and Helmsman professionals working together to achieve this.

Automatic powder coating system has minimum powder accumulation which, saves powder paint and works efficiently. The intelligent airflow distribution and the powder hoses are automatically cleaned with powerful compressed air blasts when changing colour for our metal locker range.

The control system is extremely easy to use. We now have complete control of the metallic powder painting process repeatability. We can call up pre-set programs directly on the touch screen and quickly make adjustments depending upon specific requirements. Our working environment is a lot cleaner and faster pace which means we can push through more orders. We will be making the most of our new machine!

This business expansion has been supported by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, through the Business Resilience and Recovery Grant Scheme. The support provided by New Anglia LEP has not only increased our productivity but is helping our local community by providing opportunities for employment and a more sustainable future.

For information about Helmsman lockers and their specification, as well as about cubicles, vanity units and bench seating, call us on 01284 727626 or email sales@helmsman.co.uk 

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Education lockers

An Education on Lockers

When we think about school lockers, those of us of a certain age remember banks of grey metal lockers in changing rooms or small compartment storage in hallways where you swapped out your books for whatever classes were in. They were loud, uninspiring and unattractive.

Today, lockers are an integral part of everyday school life and increasingly form an essential part of the design of the school. The addition of colour, either as part of the school’s identity or to delineate different age groups and areas, has transformed the appearance of lockers, while their use has changed over the years.


Locker manufacturers are constantly developing their products to adapt to modern life. From student lockers to staff lockers, uniform lockers and now PPE, manufacturers such as Helmsman Lockers and Cubicles are always innovating to create the best fit for purpose equipment.

Student lockers

From giving students a sense of identity and ‘contributing’ to health and safety and security, lockers are a way of life for them and form an integral part of the performance of the school. They often provide the school equivalent of a watercooler area where students meet and socialise with those, not in their classes. Functionally they reduce loss and crime allowing for the safe storage of personal items, expensive smartphones and electronics while psychologically they offer so much more.

Teacher lockers

It is amazing how often schools have lockers for students while leaving no provision for other people by offering them mere pigeonholes. Often overlooked as part of the design process, lockers are just as important to staff and teachers as they are to students. The ability to lock away personal items and have the facility for storing uniforms is important. Staff charging compartment lockers are ideal for storing personal bags and items and charging personal phones and other electronic equipment. Modern compartment lockers now come complete with plugs and USB sockets to store phones, tablets and laptops safely, while charging them at the same time and in between their busy schedules.

Post Pandemic teaching

Over the coming years, ‘pandemic’ lockers will be needed to allow for the regular changing of clothes, storage of PPE and other items designed to minimise cross-contamination and infection.

The latest Government guidelines on operation guidance for schools gives best practice advice for schools and colleges and encourages storing as much personal equipment as possible, including bags and coats, to minimise transmission.

More information on lockers and their specification, as well as about cubicles, vanity units and seating, is available from Helmsman on 01284 727626 or email sales@helmsman.co.uk 

Heavy Duty Primary School Lockers