Elevate Your Project With Helmsman Bespoke Storage

How Helmsman can help with your bespoke storage needs.

Bespoke storage is becoming more popular as a result of the growing need for individuality and modification in a world where standard solutions are no longer sufficient. This point of view is especially relevant regarding the essential security and storage solutions that Helmsman lockers offer. Here at Helmsman, we recognise the value of adaptation and standing out, which is why we manufacture our lockers with an extensive range of customized arrangements to suit each individual need.

Bespoke Solutions

At Helmsman, we believe that every customer has different needs and ideas about their lockers. For this reason, our lockers offer a wide range of styles and layouts. We can tailor any feature to meet your specific requirements, including more shelves, bespoke measurements, or any other feature to meet your needs.

Our wide range of bespoke choices guarantees that your lockers blend in perfectly with your location, optimizing the use of available space and enhancing overall performance. In addition, Helmsman values our lockers to allow the user to have comfort that their personal belongings are safe and secure.

The Limits of Normalisation

Consider a situation where you work in an industry in leisure, education, commercial or any other sector where you have a specific demand for storage. Imagine the restricted uniform locker design that is unable to meet your unique needs. This may result in a general lack of convenience, ineffective use of available space, and compromised security. These restrictions may seriously impair productivity and hinder your personal belongings’ security.

Enhancing Your Space’s Aesthetic Appeal

In a generation where lockers don’t have to be unappealing anymore, the use of colours, designs and materials is used to provide beautiful lockers. You can select a design that complements the aesthetics of your space with the variety of choices we offer our clients as we fabricate the lockers from scratch. Our design option lets you construct lockers that not only provide a functional need but also bring a unique touch of aesthetically pleasing to your area, whether you prefer radiant and bold or elegant and simple.

If you have a project requiring lockers, discover how Helmsman Bespoke storage will be the perfect solution for your project.

If you want more information, contact us today at sales@helmsman.co.uk or click here to get a quote.

The Relevance of Smart Lockers for Schools

The subject of technology’s role in the education sector has grown even more significant in a world where it impacts every area of our lives. The UK recently made national news when the government announced that mobile phones will be banned in classrooms, raising debates and decisions being made, we want to share how Helmsman can support schools to promote the education and importance for learning of the students by providing discounted prices for our lockers.

We offer a range of storage solutions that would be beneficial for the education sector. For this purpose, we manufacture Smart Lockers. Investing in charging lockers, provides students with a designated space to store their devices throughout school hours, which would create a disruption-free and promote a focused learning environment.

Benefits of Smart Lockers at Schools

  • Smart lockers would be an advantageous investment for schools as it can help to reduce the distractions which are caused by mobile phones. Our Smart lockers would provide a secure designated space for students to keep their phones charged and locked during school hours
  • Smart lockers can help with problems such as cyberbullying that arise in the school environment. Whilst the devices are stored in secure Smart Lockers, it would create an easier way for teachers to monitor and address instances of online misbehaviour and deal with them, which can lead to a safer community for students.
  • In this world, mobile phones are essential to be used day to day, which is an issue whilst the students are at school. With smart lockers, young pupils would be encouraged to spend time away from electronics, which would improve their ability to interact with friends and focus on their academic performance as there would be fewer distractions.


By offering a lower price on our school lockers and smart lockers, we hope to assist the education sector in reducing the disturbances created by mobile phones. This will make our products an affordable investment for schools, particularly when the mobile phone ban is put into action.

In conclusion, school lockers and smart lockers would offer an effective solution for schools that have issues of mobile phones being used during school hours. Providing students with an allocated space for electronic devices would help to reduce distractions and encourage students to be more focused on learning at school.

Transforming Your Spa Changing Room

As spa enthusiasts, we recognize the importance of each little element in establishing a peaceful environment. In addition to the aesthetic and practicality of Helmsman lockers, cubicles, benches, vanity units and IPS, we want to share with you today some priceless advice on how to make the most of your spa changing room experience.

1. Organised storage for a vibrating vibe.

One of the key elements of a relaxing spa experience is an organised changing room. Lockers are an essential part where customers can store personal belongings in a secure trusted locker. These lockers not only provide plenty of storage but also customize the colour and material of lockers to complement the aesthetic of your spa.

An example of a past project is one of our past projects for Downpatrick Leisure Centre. The material was mixed between the laminate and glass locker, where the colours that were used for the glass lockers were green, which created thoughts of nature and freshness on the other hand, the laminate lockers were in brown tone symbolising the soil and vitality.

2. Luxurious Seating for Ultimate Relaxation

Comfortable seating is paramount for guests as they prepare for their pampering session. Helmsman benches offer the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication, as we are a manufacturing company, we provide bespoke benching as well as our standard benches.

3. Cubicles for a Personal Space

Privacy is a non-negotiable factor in any changing room.  Helmsman cubicles offer a private area for visitors to get ready and change, guaranteeing a feeling of peace.

Helmsmen offer a range of types of lockers in the material of laminate and glass cubicles. The glass cubicles provide a luxurious atmosphere.

Introducing Helmsman Lockers: Elevating your Spa Changing Room Experience

The selection of furniture is the foundation of a truly remarkable spa changing room. Helmsman lockers, cubicles and benches are designed and manufactured with durability, aesthetics, and bespoke designs in mind.

Here’s why we are a perfect match for your spa:

Durability Beyond Compare:

Helmsman lockers are manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and resilience in high-use areas.

Security for peace of mind:

Helmsman can provide our customers with a secure locking system from standard locks to smart locks such as Lowe & Fletcher or Ojmar. All the locking systems provide customers with peace of mind that personal belongings are safe.

Unlock the Potential of Your Changing Room:

Are you prepared to upgrade your spa changing room? Explore the wide selection of Helmsman lockers, cubicles, bench seating as well as vanity units and IPS, and discover how you can create a stylish and relaxing retreat.

We hope these tips inspire you to elevate your experience in the spa changing rooms. If you want more information on our products for your project, call us today at 01284 530496 or get your quote here.

Deciding when its Time to Replace School Lockers

School lockers are an essential part of the educational environment, providing students with a secure space to store their belongings. Are you unsure if your lockers simply require some maintenance or a replacement? It’s conceivable that Helmsman can assist with the upkeep and servicing of the lockers rather than having to buy new ones if yours are growing old, have creaky doors, or have lost keys. Our team of highly qualified engineers will maintain your lockers in excellent condition.

In this blog, we will explore when it is the best time to replace school lockers, considering factors such as safety, functionality, and overall aesthetics.

Some signs to look out for:

Physical Wear and Tear

Lockers endure a significant amount of physical stress from daily use. If you start noticing rust, dents, broken hinges, or malfunctioning locks, it may be an indication that the lockers no longer provide the level of security and functionality required. Regular inspections can help to identify these issues early on.

Outdated Design and Feature

Educational sectors should adapt to meet the evolving technological requirements. If the features on your school lockers fade to enhance convenience and security, it could be time for a change. Modern lockers might include advanced locking systems, better ventilation, as well as charging lockers to charge electronic belongings.

Safety Concerns

In every kind of learning environment, safety comes first. Lockers that have loose doors, sharp edges, or malfunctioning locking systems should all be fixed right away if they provide a safety risk.

Next steps in replacing school lockers


Before you do anything else, you should consider the materials and the kind of locker you want for your school. Even though metal material is a traditional locker, you may wish to upgrade to laminate lockers where the doors are solid grade laminate and mild steel carcass construction, it is composed of a more durable and unlikely to scratch or dent. Whilst laminate is more expensive, compared to metal lockers however it has more value towards the material as there wouldn’t be any replacement needed due to dents or scratches.


Next, you’ll need to think about what will be going into the lockers and how much space you’ll need for each compartment. Here at Helmsman, we have a variety of stages in the education sector. KS1 is 1250mm high whereas KS2 lockers are 1600mm high and available in 1 or 3 compartments, which is suitable for secondary and above. For both lockers, bespoke sizes and solutions are also offered.

Whilst our standard range is available up to 6 compartments which would mean that more students you will be providing for.


Keep in mind it’s not only about the lockers inside space. There are several more accessories, locking choices, and numbering options that are available for both laminate and metal lockers. Sloping tops are a popular option as they prevent the increase of dust and prevent the top of the lockers from being used as storage which can create a safety hazard if any items fall off.


Although the summer holiday may seem a long way away, it’s never too early to get in touch with us and start planning on replacing school lockers. You don’t want to miss the boat since there isn’t much time during the summer holiday to get repairs and replacements done. It’s possible that the laminate colour you’ve chosen has a longer lead time than anticipated or that you want our skilled staff to install the lockers during the busiest part of summer break. It’s also a good idea to plan ahead rather than wait, as all of our lockers are made to order.

Contact us today at 01284 530495 for more information about our school lockers or get your quote here.

Benefits of Helmsman Z Lockers

The Z locker stands out as a fantastic design that combines a small footprint with maximised interior capacity in the search for effective storage solutions. These lockers provide an appealing option that strikes a mix between usefulness and efficiency as we move through settings when a room is at a premium.

Here at Helmsman, we provide our customers with a variety of types of Z-shaped lockers. From Laminate as well as Metal Z lockers, which both can be suitable for either a wet or a dry environment. Alternatively, we offer Heated Z lockers, which are perfect for workers and commuters who need their damp garments to air dry before the end of the workday. These heated lockers are particularly excellent for use in spa or swimming pool changing areas too.

In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of Z lockers that set them apart from other lockers

Advantages of Z-shaped Lockers:

Space-Efficient Design:

Z lockers are effectively designed to maximize the amount of space that is accessible. Because of their distinctive Z structure, they have a smaller footprint, which makes them perfect for settings where every square inch counts, they are manufactured so they can comfortably hold large personal items as well as hanging items such as clothes. These lockers may be used in a busy gym, an office with many employees, or a small school. They are made to fit neatly into tight spaces.

Customization for Compact Spaces:

Z lockers are often requested with customizable options for each customer. As a manufacturer, we are able to meet the customers’ needs by providing a selection of sizes that would match the available sizes and designs, which can mean that Z lockers can be bespoke than just standard sizes.

Seamless Integration:

The sleek and modern designs of Z lockers allow them to seamlessly integrate into various environments. Whether arranged in a large space or considerately positioned in small spaces, Z lockers improve the room’s aesthetic appeal without affecting the main purpose of the lockers – efficient storage.

Enhanced Accessibility:

The Z shape improves accessibility while also making the most of the available space. This is especially advantageous in environments such as leisure centres or commercial shared office spaces, where having quick and convenient access to personal belongings is essential.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Being compact doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the style. Z Lockers frequently have an eye-catching modern design. These lockers’ appealing features provide any setting with a touch of sophistication while maintaining a functional and visually pleasant atmosphere.


In the search for efficient storage solutions, there are a lot of benefits of Z Lockers, with a small footprint and maximised internal space emerge as an effective choice. For individuals trying to maximise storage in constrained places, their customizable features, adaptability, and smooth integration into various environments make them useful and advanced alternatives. Z lockers stand out as a tribute to creative and space-conscious design as we continue to value the aesthetics and usefulness in living and working environments.

Contact us today at 01284 530412 if you would like to speak to our team for more information about our Z lockers. Alternatively, get your quote here.

Why You should Choose Heated Lockers?

Helmsman Heated Lockers

Heated lockers are becoming more relevant than ever as it has become more important for employees and employers to be more sustainable by the way we travel to work, so we can protect the environment in the long term.

Nonetheless, one of the most important things is having sustainable facilities. Instead of having damp clothes in the office, employees and employers can dry their belongings instantly and easily. For this purpose, we manufacture and supply heated lockers.

In this blog, we will be discussing about Helmsman’s heated lockers in further detail.


Heated lockers at Helmsman are available in a variety of sizes from our standard sizes and compartments as well as Z-shaped lockers, as well as being a manufacturing company we can provide bespoke sizes.

With metal or laminate doors are available depending on your aesthetic needs. Here at Helmsman, we have a wide range of colors.


At Helmsman, we supply our clients with the highest quality products by forming reliable relationships with suppliers who share our commitment to environmental responsibility. We also provide our customers with eco-friendly heating solutions.

We would want to concur that environmental concerns and world events have raised our awareness of environmental issues and allowed us to make eco-friendly decisions.


We provide heaters with single and twin tubes. Depending on your location, these lockers can be connected to a fused switch or a UK three-pin power outlet via wires. It is advised to wire lockers into a fused switch if there is a long run of lockers.

We manufacture the heated lockers to have a perforated base which allows the warm air to circulate inside the locker and perforated slots at the top which allows the damp air to flow out.

The heated lockers have an optional thermostat, 24-hour time control, and 3 different programmable time periods which allows you to control when the heating is being used within the lockers.


Here at Helmsman, we have an excellent range of locks. We have standard Camlock and Hasp locks to smart locks by Lowe & Fletcher as well as Ojmar, which are a fantastic choice of locks as they assure the users feel secure that their personal belongings are all safe, as well as smart locks can be in a public or private user mode, which means they can be set up for day use or permanently with one code.


Helmsman heated lockers are an excellent choice for sectors that have employees who commute to work, providing heated lockers, it is an ideal solution for when the environment is damp, and employees and employers are available to dry clothes in a secure environment.

Blue Glass Locker and Lock Close up

Reasons why smart lockers are more relevant

The use of smart lockers is becoming more relevant than ever as we work through the challenges of modern life. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of smart lockers and why in today’s fast-paced and increasingly technological, they are not just a convenience but also an essential.

Eco-friendly solutions:

In a time when environmental concerns are front of mind worldwide, smart lockers help to promote eco-friendly behaviour. These lockers reduce the carbon footprint associated with typical parcel delivery services by streamlining delivery routes and decreasing the need for redelivery efforts. Additionally, the material of the lockers in a variety of sectors from leisure lockers to commercial lockers, can also reduce the carbon emissions that were being used in the past, creating sustainable lockers.

Enhanced security

Security concerns have always been a top priority, and smart lockers increase the security of goods that are kept within the storage. Lockers are equipped with advanced locks to identify the users such as a one-time code, some locks are equipped with RFID wrist straps or RIFD fobs, which offer extra security against any theft or not permitted access.

Round-the-clock accessibility

The traditional 9 to 5 workday is gradually changing from the workforce. Smart locker’s 24/7 accessibility fits in perfectly with the active lifestyle of the modern person. Smart lockers guarantee that customers may access their items when it’s most convenient for them, whether it is to retrieve a package on the weekends or to take their belongings a few hours after working hours.


Smart lockers are becoming more than just a handy tool; they are an essential part of our everyday existence. The importance of smart lockers has recently increased as we overcome the challenges of a world that is changing rapidly. Technology provides a look into a future when technology not only improves our lives but plays a crucial part in how we interact with the environment around us, from contactless convenience to sustainable practices

Why You Should Choose Helmsman Bespoke Lockers

Who We Are

Helmsman Lockers & Cubicles is a family-run business with a long history in the manufacturing industry and a strong dedication to quality. It is one of the leading manufacturers and installers in the UK.

Strong family values and positive relationships have served as the foundation of the company, as seen by the long-serving employees, dependable suppliers, and repeat clients who come back to us with new projects. We feel that working as a team and benefiting from each person’s unique abilities can result in a company that is more valuable and effective than the sum of its parts.

Choosing bespoke lockers from us can offer several advantages to customers. Here are some reasons why you might prefer Helmsman bespoke lockers.


Enhanced Aesthetics

Branding and Design Integration – Bespoke lockers allow the customers to design the lockers to align with their company, such as the colour of the lockers.

Here at Helmsman, with our laminate lockers, we have suppliers where we can offer a range of colours from BioCarbon Laminate and Abet Laminati before we fabricate the lockers.


Security and Durability

Security Features – Helmsman bespoke lockers can be equipped with a variety of lock types, from digital to combination to standard Cam locks. The security of the locks is excellent as it assure that the users personal belongings are safe and secure.


Optimized Space Utilization

Maximized Storage Integration – Helmsman bespoke lockers can be manufactured to fit into any specific area since they can be customized and maximizing available space and guarantee effective use of space.

At Helmsman, we are specialists in manufacturing lockers to suit the specific needs of the client and the project.


Attention to Details – Bespoke lockers offer the advantage of an exquisite design. Clients can expect a greater level of attention to detail, guaranteeing that the lockers are not only durable and well-built but also practical.


Long-Term Cost Savings

Tailored Solutions – Although customer locks could be higher upfront costs, they can save money over time by meeting the specific demands and preventing the need for replacements or modifications.


Customer Support and Service:

Helmsman Service – providing custom lockers, enables us to offer more attentive service, we offer in-house design, where can be with you from the start.

Additionally, we provide an extensive selection of after-sales care and servicing to optimiase optimal performance and the longest life cycle. This can include ad hoc repairs as well as routine maintenance contracts.


Need any more convincing? Contact us today or fill in our quote form here.

A Guide to Leisure Lockers


Whether it’s a gym, a swimming centre, a spa, a stadium or a theme park, leisure lockers are essential for enhancing the overall experience for users using the leisure facilities. The lockers enhance the convenience, and organisation of leisure activities, in addition to the lockers offering a safe place for personal belongings.

We will dive into the world of leisure lockers in this in-depth guide, covering their varieties, features, maintenance advice, and ways they may enhance your leisure experience.

Section 1: Understanding Leisure Lockers

1.1 Type of Leisure Lockers

  • Traditional lockers with wrist strap keys
  • Z lockers
  • Smart lockers with digital locks
  • Family-sized lockers for group storage.

1.2 Materials and Durability

  • Solid-grade laminate doors and aluminium carcass.
  • For areas with high moisture and humidity – due to the material there are no risks of peeling, cracking, or delamination
  • At Helmsman we also offer a leisure locker that is manufactured with an aluminium body and the doors are PAR 10mm toughened coloured glass, with a roller coat pant finish inside the locker doors.


Section 2: Features That Matter

2..1 Digital Locking System

  • Combination locks, Ojmar OTS locks, Lowe & Fletcher Nimbus locks and many more accessories are available at Helmsman.
  • Enhancing the security and ease of use

2.2 Charging Stations

  • Within a dry area, having a destination with charging lockers to keep personal belongings such as mobile phones to be charged during leisure activities


Section 3: Maintenance and Safety

3.1 Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Regular locker maintenance is advised to maintain. Here at Helmsman, we provide O&M Manuals (Operation and Maintenance Manuals) so the customers always have guidance.

Section 4: Aesthetics and Customisation

4.1 Locker Designs

  • Having customised lockers with colours to match the theme of the place
  • Incorporating branding elements for a cohesive look


Section 5: Benefits of Quality Lockers

5.1 Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

  • Providing a hassle-free experience for visitors
  • Building a positive reputation for leisure facilities

5.2 Improved Facility Management:

  • Streamlining operations with efficient locker systems
  • Reducing staff workload and enhancing overall productivity



Leisure lockers are an essential component of the whole leisure experience, rather than just a storage space. Investing in high-quality leisure lockers is a step towards improving patron satisfaction and creating an unforgettable leisure experience.

Here at Helmsman, we have an in-house design where we take pride in helping our customers bring their vision to life. We are here with you from the start.

If you have a project and you’re interested in our leisure lockers call us today at 01284530427 or get your quote.

Why do schools have lockers?


For many years, lockers have been widely seen in the educational sector, giving students a dedicated area to keep their belongings. Though they can appear to be straightforward metal or laminate storage spaces, lockers have several uses in schools other than just holding bags and books. We’ll consider the reasons why schools have lockers and how important these seemingly overlooked storage systems are to the educational process in the blog.

Organisation and efficience

Lockers provide the students an individual space to store their personal belongings and books, which helps them to maintain their organisation skills. This improves the efficiency of the learning environment as well as their daily routine. With students having a designated area for their belongings, students can efficiently and rapidly collect what they need for each lesson, reducing interruptions and extending the amount of time they spend learning.

Security for belongings

Students carry a range of personal belongings such as lunch, electronics, and PE (sports) uniforms. Lockers provide them with a safe space to keep their items during class hours, reducing the risk of loss or damage. This maintains the school community with security and trust while safeguarding the belongings of the pupils.

 Alleviating the burden of heavy backpacks

Throughout the day students who carry heavy backpacks full of textbooks, notebooks, and personal items, may cause students to experience back pains and discomfort. A solution for that would be provided by lockers, which give students a space to keep their stuff in between classes.

Preparing for future independence

The students that use lockers are better prepared for future events where organisation skills are essential. The capacity to manage one’s own area and possessions becomes more crucial as one may be heading to university or employment. These are vital life skills that are regularly practiced in lockers.


Lockers are more than just a basic storage space in schools, they are an essential part of establishing a welcoming and encouraging learning atmosphere. The provision of lockers enhances kids’ overall development by encouraging responsibility and organisation as well as a sense of safety and community.