Stylish Z Lockers

A Functional Design with Space Optimisation

Helmsman “Z Lockers” offer an attractive and functional design and are perfect for storing larger personal items and hanging items. These are ideal in areas where there’s minimum floor space and the unique hanging function is perfect for those wanting to avoid their personal clothing items being wrinkled.

Z Lockers or sometimes referred to as L Shaped lockers are used in many sectors where space optimisation is needed.  Our mild steel options are popular in many fitness centre environments such as gyms, fitness studios and spas whilst the laminate option is perfect for leisure centres and swimming pools.

“Z lockers” are of interest in other sectors such as commercial and offices, education and emergency services since their unique features and functions suit their requirements.

Door materials can be metal or laminate, we offer a wide range of accessories and locks to go with your Z lockers.

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