Project Details

Client: Ogilvie Construction Ltd
Location: Dundee, Scotland
Project Type: Commercial
Project Value (approx.):  £31k
Year completed: 2023

Greenmarket is a new build of a new built landmark development located at Dundee Waterfront. This is suitable for a variety of retail and leisure uses, along with BT plc up to 1000 staff.

Our team at Helmsman manufactured and installed 49 two-compartment bespoke Z lockers, which is a wet specification as they are ideal for environments where it is humid, our aluminium & stainless-steel body with solid grade laminate is a perfect choice. The bespoke Z lockers were requested to have an internal self and fully perforated base which allows airflow through the lockers.

The laminate Z lockers were installed with stands, 1 nest of 1, 2 nest of 2, and 14 nest of 3. The specification of the stand was 461mm high overall, 298mm wide, and 450mm deep with 1m rivets,

The body of the lockers was powder coated in the shade ‘Black’. The laminate doors were in the colour of ‘English Oak’ Laminate. Bespoke Z lockers were completed with a number disc in black and white above the Lowe & Fletcher Nimbus in Black. Nimbus is an excellent choice of lock as it assures the users feel secure that their personal belongings are all safe, as well as Nimbus can be in a public or private user mode, which means they can be set up for day use or permanently with one code.

Our Z lockers are a fantastic choice as it allow two people to store their belongings in the footprint of one locker, the design of this locker is modern, innovative, and stylish. Additionally, users would be able to hang their clothes in a taller section of the locker, which reduces the risk of wrinkling.

It was a great project working with Ogilvie Construction Ltd. Should you have a similar project, or want any more information on the products mentioned, give us a call on 01284 530496 or contact us here.

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