Looking Back on the Dairy Hall Leisure Centre Project

Dairy Hall leisure centre in Northern Ireland opened its doors back in 2018. Helmsman had the opportunity to work closely with Heron Bros contractors on this project to supply, deliver and install both glass and leisure lockers. The facilities promote links between external and internal areas to promote cross usage and opportunities for external ‘pop-up’ events. This centre has something for everyone. The modern indoor and outdoor leisure facilities including a fitness suite, swimming with children’s splash zone, a high-quality spa, an indoor sports hall, an outdoor covered pitch, an outdoor adventure playground, a wheel park for skateboarding, BMX and other wheeled activities and also a Mountain Biking provision.

The site maximises the potential for any future expansion, including the green space, which was also carefully considered. The uses of modern construction methods also ensure the maintenance and running costs of the site are minimal.

Looking back at this leisure centre project, both dry and wet areas were supplied, delivered and installed with lockers for the gym, spa and swimming facilities. The leisure glass lockers came in one, two and three compartments with silk-blue doors. These lockers were fully cladded on stands for easy upkeep. The changing rooms have motion lighting, which set the mood for the luxurious space with an added appeal to the overall look.

Other changing areas have several leisure lockers. We manufactured these from Formica laminate colour range in a mixture of tropical greens, violets and blues. Bodies were made from aluminium, complete with radiused internal corners to suit wet environments. Helmsman offers a complete package for leisure projects, including cubicles, benches, IPS duct panels and vanities.

This 30 million pound leisure project was one of the firsts for Helmsman. The unique and luxury style has provided a place for everyone and allows them to respond to ever-changing demand.

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