Project Details

Client: Lancer Scott Constructions
Location: Bristol
Project Type: Commercial
Project Value (approx.): £5.3K
Year completed: 2024

Temple Point is an iconic office building in Bristol that has undergone renovations, where each floor has 16,500 sq ft of office space. The offices are enhanced with floor-to-ceiling windows, elevated flooring and LED Lighting. it also features a built shower and locker room, where users can store personal belongings as well as use the utilities.

Our team manufactured and installed 5 four-compartment heavy-duty lockers, to accommodate 20 users. Heavy-duty lockers, also known as Laminate Lockers, provide increased durability, making the material less likely to get dents or scratches.

The specifications of the lockers are bespoken to suit the client’s project. As a manufacturing company, we can manufacture lockers with different dimensions to our standard sizes to suit your project. The dimensions were 1665mm high, 380mm wide plus 4mm rivets and 450mm deep.

Heavy-duty lockers at Temple Point were manufactured with mild steel carcasses and frames.  The laminate doors were in ‘Ice White’ from the Helmsman Laminate colour range, whereas the body of the lockers was powder coated in ‘Signal White’ from Helmsman standard metal colour chart.

The lockers were finished with vinyl numbering above the KitLock 1000 combination lock in Black to create a visual colour range within the locker room. KitLock 1000 combination lock is an excellent choice of locks as it provides a secure locking system for a public function as well as private.

Additionally, our team also manufactured and installed 5 two compartment metal lockers, to accommodate 10 people. The specification was 1800mm high, 450mm wide and 450mm deep. The carcass of the metal lockers was powder-coated in ‘Ice’ whereas the doors were powder-coated in ‘Black’, both colours from Helmsman’s colour chart.

The metal lockers were completed with Helmsman standard cam locks, which are another great locking system, allowing the users to be at peace of mind that their belongings are safe during the day.

It was great working with Lancer Scott Constructions on this project at Temple Point.

Should you have a project where laminate lockers are required and you want more information, our team is here to help. Give us a call on 01284 530495 or get your quote here.

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