Helmsman supplying lockers to Primary, Secondary and Third Level Education

Providing students with lockers from their first years right through to graduating is something we are very proud of. Supplying students with safe and secure storage for their important schoolwork and assisting in lightning their heavy bag load is key to their school day.

School lockers are categorised differently as primary school lockers and general school lockers differ due to their size.

Dealing directly with the manufacturer a high quality / low cost ratio and can be purchased direct from our online shop which is coming soon!!

Primary School Lockers

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school lockersprimary school lockersPrimary school lockers are designed for young children of key stage 1 and key stage 2 age. Lockers for key stage 1 are smaller at 1200mm high. These come in a range of widths and depths and have 2 or 3 compartments and fitted with easy to turn swivel locks.

Key stage 2 lockers on the other hand are similar, except taller in height at 1600mm and generally supplied with 3 compartments.

Secondary School Lockers

Secondary school lockers are usually supplied at 1775mm high with 3 or 4 compartments. The number of compartments is usually factored on the space available and the number of students that need to be accommodated.

Laminate School LockersAvailable with either Metal or Laminate Doors

Depending on budget metal doors or laminate doors are supplied with lockers. Both metal and laminate doors are available in a range of colours and finishes.

Lock Types found on school lockers

Locks supplied with school lockers are mainly cam locks. These are supplied with a master key and 2 individual keys.
The alternative is the latch locks (diamond shaped). These require the student to use his/her own pad lock (not supplied by Helmsman).
Finally, combination locks as an alternative are becoming more favourable due to less inconveniences when students finish the school year.

laminate lockers for wet area
The School Changing rooms

Some secondary schools have a requirement for lockers for wet areas such as showers areas and swimming pool changing rooms. The wet spec heavy duty lockers or otherwise named as Helmsman System 2000 lockers are ideal for such environments.

Please visit our Cubicles and Bench Seating pages to see the selections available to complete your changing room environment.

A wide range of locker types available for the education sector include:

Charging Lockers: With technological advances schools have had to shift to suit the changing needs of pupils and provide lockers which not only provide security for devices but a charging point also. A range of charging lockers are available in several sizes for charging laptops, ipads/iphones.
Cube or Modular Lockers: A clever modular storage system and designed to go almost anywhere.
Workwear Lockers: Ideal for many educational establishments where a change of uniform is necessary.

charging lockercube lockerworkwear lockers

Third Level Locker Expectations

Having worked with numerous schools, colleges and universities over the past 40+ years our reputation has been built for delivering quality products at competitive prices.  Trends demonstrate a preference for heavy duty lockers in secondary schools and universities as solid grade laminate (SGL) doors prove to be durable and vandal proof and meet the budgets of this subdivision.

The table below shows the typical sizes used in each of the different stages of the educational ranking however, these sizes are not restricted.  Bespoke lockers are available which can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Dealing directly with the manufacturer a high quality / low cost ratio and can be purchased direct from our online shop at following link Helmsman Shop